Hi, I’m rajilesh

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Hi, I’m rajilesh

I’m here for the first time. I would like to know more about course creation such as editing tools, recording, coding. Etc. if anyone has any refrence link, would be appreciated.




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Welcome to the group.


I use Camtasia 2018 running on Windows 10.  It includes a screen recorder and video editor.  The program runs about $299 unless you find it on sale.  I would definitely recommend a 30-day trial.


To demonstrate coding, you would primarily be recording your screen (screencasting).  You may also want to use PowerPoint slides to display coding theory and would record them via screencasts as well.


Students apparently like to see their instructor, so videoing yourself with a camera (I use my Surface Pro 4 tablet) would be good.  You can incorporate these "talking head" videos into your course using the Camtasia editor.


That's the fundamentals.  Hopefully others will post links to other posts on the subject and recommend additional software and hardward options.


Best of luck,





Welcome to our community and accecpt my warmest congratulations!


It's our honor to help you to create your best course.

We are ready to help you to create great courses or increase the quality of your teaching.

The most important matters in teaching are:

1-Enjoy the teaching!

2-Consider you are teaching to children so say everything in depth and in simple language!

3-Try diffrent methods to delivery your concept.

4- Be expert in your field of teaching.


For recording :


1- You can use something like this:


but i'm using external sound card for connecting my microphone.

2-For better quality of your voice you can use Audacity Software and use it's noise reduction filter so the result is great.

3- For capturing your screen you can use : BB flashback pro.It;s really great app.

5- In addition you can send your test video to Udemy review team they are great and will help you a lot and also you can post your video here so we can help you.

6-Also you can use Udemy help center with great topics in this link:



7-Open My courses so there is few great Udemy free courses for how to create your course.

8- Don't worry anymore just focus on your recording and do your best.

Remeber this: practice make perfect.


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Create a video to introduce yourself and watch other videos from instructors to get to know them. We recommend including your name, what you teach, and what you hope to learn in your video.