How long have you been teaching on Udemy?

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How long have you been teaching on Udemy?

Each week, we’re showcasing one of our 5 community values to celebrate what makes our community of instructors unique.  This week we are highlighting the value of “Be in it for the long term.”


“My passion is cinematic style portrait photography, and I have run over 50 workshops in my studio. I feel that although many photographers have the technical know-how and easy access to equipment, the finer details of posing and especially storytelling is just as important. It gives me great pleasure to see my students elevate their portrait shoots to another creative level!” - Sandy (USA)


The most successful instructors are those who have worked on developing their courses and their teaching skills over time. Patience and persistence are qualities of a successful Udemy instructor.


“After almost a year to the day since the publication of my first course. I can finally say it, Udemy brought a balance in my life that changed a lot of things. Especially since at the time I was not at my best (health concerns, difficult breakup) I'm not going to say that it literally changed my life, but it feels just like it did.


I was already doing some videos on YouTube but I could not find my desired audience. On Udemy we feel immediately that people are involved and ready to surpass themselves to succeed. And sharing one's knowledge is so rewarding. Knowing that some people manage to achieve their childhood dreams or just grow in a field they love through your courses is an amazing feeling.


Some students became pillars on whom I know I am able to lean on when needed for a project or when I have doubts about various course topics. And then building a community around your courses is pretty crazy.


Initially, I saw Udemy as a simple opportunity to seize, just to see. Today it has turned into a real long-term project.” - Michael (France)


How long have you been teaching on Udemy? How have you improved as an instructor in these past few years?


If you’re new, let us know what you plan on doing to continue improving your courses and skills this year!

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I'm only 4 months in, but can already see how great it is. Not just the income, but the community here. Loving it. 

I tell all of my friends "If you have a skill, and can decently present it, get online!!"

Funny, a year ago, and I'm loving Udemy even more. 

Hi guys, I just signed up today. I am excited. I just put together a masterclass but havent placed it on here yet. I feel like Udemy would push the relevancy. I have so much to teach to new entrepreneurs and yet still learning because techniques are firever evolving 

siloam Lackey
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@JocelynH ,

I've been publishing on Udemy for almost 5 years.  I'd love to field questions about the "good old days" from any newbies.


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Community Champion

I have been on Udemy as an instructor around 2 years, and another 3-4 years prior to that as a student.


Has been a crazy ride. 
I started just to see what it was like and maybe make a few extra dollars, 5 months ago I was able to leave my day-job and now I am looking at hiring help.


Right now I am working on more naturally presenting, automation of student engagement and driving students to my courses. 

Adding to my team, so far it has just been myself, but I hope to add a virtual assistant within a month to do the things that has to be done daily, but not nessesarely by me. 

Thor Pedersen - IT , Project Management, and Cyber Security trainer

So, took ya a year and a half or so to hit full time on it, eh? Good goal for me to aim for.  😄

Two years and counting, observing an incredibly growth. Be in it for the long term is definitely the way to go. 20 course in two years is almost 1 course a month. Make your students happy, create content that's relevant to them and interesting, and keep on being great at what you do. Success will follow

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Community Champion

@JasonDionhas been on udemy for a little over 2 years now. When we put up our first course it was one that he had taught in class at a local community college. It was his voice over the powerpoints he used for the course. Since then we have used a few different spaces in our house as studio space, have gone from super cheap back drops, to green painted walls, and now have an awesome green screen. We have gone from lower end mics to better ones, and have gone from using a literal webcam to record our talking head videos to a more professional camera. I may not be the face the students see, but I have been here with him through the whole process and do all the editing for him now!

*Brains behind Jason Dion*
Trailblazer Trailblazer

Four moths now, and I have replaced Netflix with Udemy (Of course, I love Netflix). Smiley Very Happy



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Community Champion

I signed up to create a class in early 2016 but I did not create the course until Sept of 2017, so glad I decided to finally follow through! Took me a year to get motivated! 

Anyone out there floundering around, as I am, read the “5 Second Rule”. It’s not rocket science, but a life changer. Who needs a nudge by outsiders or even family, when you have yourself! 

Been training on Unity3D for over a year now, have seen many videos and what I would differently. Even set up some scripts for a course, but only now start to actually dive into it. 


The saying I heard many many years ago always fears me:

Those who can, do, those who can't, teach.....


but I don't think that is correct. Love learning from you and helping out where possible. First course I am going to deliver is 'Game Architecture 101 in Unity3D'. If you see time to review it, let me know what can be improved etc....if you want honest and positive advice on your courses, let me know, I'm your guy.

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Community Champion

Been at it for over 3 years now. Slow and steady definitely wins the race. I want to share my revenue chart showing my first couple of years:




I chopped off the numbers because I don't want to seem brag-gy, but the important point is that those first couple of months only reflected a few hundred dollars. It took over a year of sustained, hard work to grow things to the point where Udemy could actually pay the bills.


Don't come to Udemy looking to make a quick buck. It's a long game, and it requires persistent effort to grow and maintain the impact you're having.

I love charts like these. Thanks for posting. 

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Community Champion

My first course went live on Udemy in September 2017, so around 19 months ago now.

The moment I got my first ever sale I was hooked and knew this offered me the opportunity to shift my lifestyle to one where I had more time with my family.

In January 2018 my wife and I discussed me doing it full time....... not that I had made enough to do that by then but we decided to go “all in” and remortgaged the house to give me a year to get to a point of being able to support us (that’s not a strategy I’d recommend as it’s very stressful!)

May of 2018 was the first month I earned enough to cover everything and we haven’t looked back since!

Its been a wild ride, exciting, thrilling, fulfilling and stressful at points but I’m definitely in it for the long haul!

I started my Udemy journey in November 2019. It's been a short one but it has been a very fruitful experience. I finally matched my day-job salary last month and I'm well on my way to 2X it this month. I hope to provide maximum value to Architecture & Design students through my courses. 

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