I am life long learner at Udemy and real life

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I am life long learner at Udemy and real life



This is Noble let me share my journey as Global Future Skills, Computer Science and Pure Consciousness Expert.

Got a Doctorate in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and I am a Pure Consciousness Expert for 6 years.


Served 6000+ Students and 500+ Teachers in 140 Countries Globally.

I have done Global Future Skills Implementation and Research for the last 15 Years.

Achieved 300+ Award for last 15 years:

I am a Lifelong Lerner of Future Skills, Future Technologies, and Art Creativity and Value Innovation.

I am Self Taught Computer – Artificial Intelligence Scientist, Super Pure Consciousness Expert, and Design Thinker.

Worked with Multinational Companies like GE and Wipro Technologies other below Organisation.


Started two Successful Startups from Family Business to National and International levels.

Acquired skills:

1. Real Life Digital Skills.

2. Real Future Skills.

3. Real Pure Consciousness Skills.

4. Real Technologies Skills.

5. Soft Skills.

6. Real Life Project Management Skills.

7. Real Life Lean and Six Sigma.

8. Real Life Entrepreneurship Skills and I have done 500+ global digital and future skills training.

I have done 100+ Projects with these Skills with over 15 years:

1. GE.

2. Wipro Technologies.

3. Himalayan Institute of Alternatives Ladakh.

4. Teach for India.

5. Harvard Medical School.

6. Toastmasters International.



Kindly follow me on Udemy and Youtube Channel to help me to reach 1000000 Students.

Vision: Teach real-life and problem-solving skills to One++ Billion people over the years Globally and serve humanity with true values of Devine Consciousness.

I make everyday new classes on Future Skills, Life Skills, Art, Crafts Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Design Thinking, Design Digital Classes, How to find Niches for different markets, Niche Research, 360 Mindfulness, Consciousness, Creativity, Business Strategies, Sales Strategies, Project Management, and other 300 Skills which I have learned over the years.

Gratitude till infinity,


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Hi @Noble570, welcome to our community - we're happy to have you here! Our community is a space for instructors to help other instructors, create connections and find useful resources. Our moderators are here to help ensure you're getting the support you need and answer your questions, so feel free to start posting and reading discussions. 


Please keep in mind, there are some guidelines in place when using the community. Sharing your social media, coupon links, or personal information is not allowed. We appreciate your understanding! 


Congratulations on all your achievements and best of luck in 2022! 😃


Bella Almeida

Udemy Community

Dear Bella,

Greetings of the day,


@Bella I am new here thanks for the feedback I will apply it thanks.


My Gratitude till infinity 🙏,



You're welcome, Noble! If you need help with anything, don't hesitate to let me know.


Have a wonderful week ahead! 😊


Bella Almeida

Udemy Community 

@Bella thanks a lot my Gratitude to you and all beings of the universe till infinity 🙏

Wow! What an inspiration you are?! I hope you meet your goals swiftly and you're met with much success and prosperity.



My Gratitude to you and your family and all beings of the universe till infinity love you all till infinity 🙏👣

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