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Community Manager

Introduce Yourself!


Hi there!


Welcome aboard, our community is excited to have you here! We'd love to get to know you better, so here's a place for you to introduce yourself (if you’d like) and meet other members as they join.


Some questions you may answer to get your thoughts flowing:


  • Who are you?
  • Where are you from?
  • What is your teaching area?
  • Why did you join the Instructor Community?
  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself!


Good to know:



411 Replies

Hi! I'm Tiger from Pakistan (Asia).

My niche is a bit diverse, ranging from photography, Videography, post productivity to Graphics Designing and Vectors.

I joined Instructor Community just to be of help by sharing what I learned from the platform over the time.

Don't know about the fun fact, but I still have less followers on Instagram than my students on Udemy 🥺😂

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @TigerVerse, welcome aboard! We appreciate your willingness to help others by sharing what you've learned on the platform. I hope that your followers on Instagram will continue to grow just as much as your students are on Udemy! 🙂


All the best!


Bella Almeida

Udemy Community

Welcome on board, Tiger. 

Hi everyone 👋


So happy to be put of this community!


I'm Jeff Mutua and I currently live in Botswana and I work as an electrical design engineer. 


I'm really passionate about Interior Lighting Design and I would say it's what I enjoy the most in the designs I create. As such, I'm looking forward to sharing all the knowledge and skills I have gained from designing lighting installations for various building interiors. 


I enjoy hitting the sauna once a week as a way to relax and's a bit crazy considering the fact that I live in country that is 90% desert 😂 .


Welcome @JeffMwobobia254 to the instructors community,


Let the teaching begin. 

Best regards,

Ahmed Jendoubi, Ph.D.

Hi  Everyone,


My name is Ambuj jain.  I live in Mumbai, India.  


Professionally, I am a soft skills trainer since 18 years,  an executive Coach since 7 years,  a psychometric assessor since 13 years, a trained Counselor since 16 years, and a Learning & Development professional since 35+ years.  


I wish to develop courses in various soft skills (starting with a course on Understanding Emotions)  to share my learning and experience with as many people as possible.  


I have joined this Community to fast-track my course creation by learning about how to deal with issues and concerns, and then once I have myself acquired a certain levels of experience, I hope to share that experience and knowledge too.


Here's a fun fact about me: I started to learn typing ( we don't see the mechanical typewriters these days,  Nowhere!) when I was, Well, 9 years old 🙂




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @AmbujJain444, welcome to the Udemy community! It's great to hear that you are interested in developing courses in soft skills and sharing your wealth of experience with learners around the world. 


If you have any questions or concerns as you embark on your course creation journey, our community is here to help. You can connect with other instructors, access our extensive library of resources, and get personalized support from our team of experts.


Thank you for sharing a fun fact about yourself, and we look forward to seeing your courses on Udemy! 🙌


Bella Almeida

Udemy Community 

You're very welcome. I like the fact that you said you started typing in a mechanical typewriter at 9. That's some serious stuff. I never used that; all my typing has been on the computer. 


Well done with that. 

Welcome to the community! It looks like you have a diverse and fun career path! Teach on 🙂


Hi Ambuj, welcome to the instructors community.
Good luck on creating/publishing your courses and having fun teaching, 
Using a typewriter is a great fun, I loved it myself.

Best regards,

Ahmed Jendoubi, Ph.D.

Hi everyone! I'm Shanell. I'm from Georgia. My teaching area is creativity from painting to crafting, mixed with some academics of the subjects. I joined the instructor community because I miss teaching.  I currently work in public health which I also love so this is a way for me to have the best of both worlds. Something fun about me....ummm I have a guitar that I don't know how to play but had to have it bc of Taylor Swift. I love her music 😆 🤣 



Try to learn to play that guitar. It will be fun. 

Hi Shannell @ShanellsArt  and welcome to the instructors community,
My sincere wishes for your success in teaching on this Platform.

Best regards,

Ahmed Jendoubi, Ph.D.



Creativity is a great subject to learn, to practice and to teach.    I love to see it from the Neuroscience and emotion perspective.


It's amazing to know that you got a guitar just bc you love a particular artist's music 🙂

Hello, I'm Tim and I just joined today after my first course was published. I am super excited to be on here and I can just say that making a course (like most things) is a lot more involved than I thought it would be. I learned a lot just getting to the last step of publishing. I'd never thought about captions, for example, so I had to learn about that format and how to create those.


I am from Arkansas, born and raised in Walmart country. Worked for Walmart for most of my career as well. I also study Japanese, play Harpejji, and compose and mix music.


My teaching area is Computer Science and more specifically Java, but I also enjoy teaching Cryptography, Statistics, Python, Image Editing, Music Production, C#, Writing, and Combinatory Logic / Lambda Calculus.


A fun fact about me is I'm more of a writer than a software engineer. I feel like it's my interest in language that makes me good at programming.

@TimAlan welcome on board. 

Hi Tim @TimAlan
Welcome to the instructors community.
congratulations on publishing your first course: that must have been a rewarding effort.
I wish you great success in your teaching.
Best regards,

Ahmed Jendoubi, Ph.D.

Hi Tim,


Welcome to the Community and Congratulations on the publication of your first course 🙂


It's great to know about your fabulous knowledge base.  I like the way  you connect your interest in language  with your capabilities in programming and I am curious to know brings about such a connection.  

Shaban Osman is a freelance instructor and consultant with six years of training experience and 16 years of project management experience.

Shaban specialized in project management and business analysis training by delivering diverse programs and, in addition, providing consultancy services using his knowledge and practical experience.

He graduated from the faculty of engineering in 2002 and he earned PMI-PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-PBA, IIBA-CBAP, and AUC-PRMG.

He is the CEO and co-founder of Proactive Training and Consulting Company.

Executive manager

His current and prior positions are:

Business Consultant


business development manager.

program manager.

project manager

Senior Engineer

Site engineer.


Welcome on board.

Hi Shaban @SHABAn and welcome to the instructors community

I wish you success in your teaching on this platform.

Best regards,

Ahmed Jendoubi, Ph.D.
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