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Community Manager

Introduce Yourself!


Hi there!


Welcome aboard, our community is excited to have you here! We'd love to get to know you better, so here's a place for you to introduce yourself (if you’d like) and meet other members as they join.


Some questions you may answer to get your thoughts flowing:


  • Who are you?
  • Where are you from?
  • What is your teaching area?
  • Why did you join the Instructor Community?
  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself!


Good to know:



411 Replies

Hi all, this is Mustafa from Istanbul. 

Glad to be a part of this valuable community. I am preparing a course, it is Aspen PIMS, process industry optimization software. Planning to publish in couple of weeks.

I have two major hobbies: playing piano, and windsurfing.

Looking forward to meet like minded people around. Have a great journey.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @Poseidon# and welcome to Udemy! We're happy to have you as a part of our community and excited to see the course you're preparing.


It's great to hear that you have a passion for both playing the piano and windsurfing. We encourage you to connect with other like-minded individuals in the community and share your interests.


Best of luck with your course creation journey, and we're here to support you along the way! 

I am glad to discover this amazing community, and have your encouraging  support. Yes, I  believe I will make lots of connections with like minded people. 

I also plan to publish courses about piano playing.

Let's make it a great journey with all.


Hi, I'm Toni Ty'Kyra! I'm new here, I'm from San Diego, CA.

I'm a business owner, I have 4 businesses!

I'm a IT Technician 

I'm a Business & Budgeting advisor 

I'm a Relationship Specialist 

I'm a Fashion & Graphics Designer

I'm a Mindfulness Coach 

I'm a Professional Organizer

I have many teaching areas lol, here to teach what i'm good at and what i know.

I'm very driven & a go getter and i'm very nice and so many other things, glad to be here!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @ProfessorTy'Kyra, welcome to Udemy! It's great to have someone with such a diverse range of skills and expertise join our community! 😊

Hello all!


My name is Shantinique and I am from Michigan. I am currently teaching in the Business Sales area, and just release a course on Sales Skills for Beginners: Overcoming Rejections. It took a lot of dedication and focus to get across the finish line but I did it! It's nice to hear from all of you as well. I joined the instructor community because I have decided that I want to continue my journey making course on Udemy, and want to assure I fully engage! I look forward to thriving in this community and learning in many ways! One fun fact about me is that I am addicted to all things self-improvement. I love to see what areas I can improve within myself and how I can one day master stillness within (not the funnest to others, but definitely to me! lol). 


Nice to meet everyone, and I look forward to supporting this community!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @Shantinique91, welcome and congratulations on releasing your course! We appreciate your dedication and focus on creating a valuable learning experience for our students. It's great to hear that you're passionate about self-improvement and we hope that you continue to thrive and engage in our instructor community. We're here for anything you may need help with!


Best of luck on your journey as a Udemy instructor! 😊

Thank you so much! 

Hi everyone! Am Cecilia, Kenyan residing in Bangalore. I am an educationist by profession however I also do it as a passion hence am sharing skills on resource mobilization and fundraising among others which are useful and vital for social entrepreneurs. I can sum up my teaching  area as training of trainers and professional leadership. I consider myself a lifelong learner hence I joined the instructor community for this as well as networking with like-minded professionals. Fun fact about myself is I enjoy hiking and running marathons 😊

Hi Dr. Osyanju @CeciliaOsya967,
Welcome to the instructors community.
I do wish you a successful teaching experience on this Online Teaching Platform.
I am sure your learners will benefit from your multi-faced heritage educational background.

Best regards,

Ahmed Jendoubi, Ph.D.

Thanks Dr. Ahmed

Hi all 


Mark Grey, From Bonnie Scotland.


I teach ITIL  services but also employability skills. I also have many hobbies such as metal detecting I made my 1st course on! 


I joined as I would love eventually to go full time as a trainer. Currently in civil service which is great but not fulfilling for me. 


Fun fact I have 2 items in museums from metal detecting; a 3000 year old axe head and a Roman brooch! 


Trying my best to build my brand just now so this community really helps. 

Hi Everyone! My name is Grace Simmons and I'm based in Maryland, USA. My teaching areas are personal development and travel.  For example, building confidence through solo travel.  


I joined this community to network and learn from those familiar in this space of online courses.


Fun fact: My favorite movie is the Fifth Element.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Happy Friday, @GraceS,

Welcome to our Community! We are happy to have you here 😊.

That's a great topic! Solo traveling requires courage, and it's amazing how you want to help students on their journey.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.



Thank you!

Thanks for this part, my name is Rahmat From Indonesia, Love Udemy

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well and having a beautiful day!

I am Smitha Jagadish from India but currently live in the UK.

I am a spiritual coach and have been into spirituality for a very long time but never really thought of teaching this to others until one day, I came across  Udemy website. This platform really excited me to create courses and find a way to help and teach my discoveries in spirituality. I am thoroughly enjoying it. 


Apart from being a spiritual coach I love cooking, walking in nature and discovering life.

Thank you for listening ...Lots of love to you all . 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @SmithaJagadish


Welcome to our community! We are very happy to have you here. 

Spirituality? How interesting! What type of spirituality are you teaching? 


We wish you a lot of fun and success on your teaching journey, and please let us know if you need help 😊.  

  • Who am I? Hello everyone! My name is Baishali Sarkar and I am a World Music Singer - Teacher. So great to be here in the Udemy Instructor Community!
  • Where am I from? I am originally from India, but I have been living in Portugal, Poland, Spain and Slovenia. So, I consider myself as a World citizen now. 
  • What is my teaching area? I just created my first Online Singing Course on learning Indian Songs (will be publishing next week 15.06.23) and many others are lined up next. As I sing in around 30 languages, I have plan to create mini courses to cover different genres of Music that aren't available in Udemy yet. 
  • Why did I join the Instructor Community? 1. I think Udemy is an excellent platform which gives me the opportunity to find and help people find their voice through singing. This community helps instructors to upgrade themselves as eductaors. 2. I'd love to know other instructors, their courses, experiences, get help from them and to help them !
  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself!  I got Erasmus scholarship for Master in Management (in Portugal) in 2010 for 6  months. And I bluffed my parents saying I got a full 3 year PhD scholarship in Linguistics because they didn't agree to let me go for the 2nd Master program abroad only for 6 months. Little did I know that my destiny had another plan and I started living in Europe since 2010. Definitely, my parents somehow forgave me after few years. Life is beautiful when I am in charge of it! 

Hello everyone! I managed to submit my course on Monitoring and Evaluation. My name is Hediye and over 20 years, I have been working for international organizations.


If you visit my course and have opportunity to provide feedback,I would be so happy!


Nice to meet you virtually!

Salve, mi chiamo Lucio Pozone, sono italiano (nato a Napoli) e vivo in provincia di L'Aquila (regione Abruzzo).

Sono un musicista e sto per pubblicare il mio primo video corso di chitarra flamenco su Udemy.

Sono entrato nella Community perché avrò sicuramente bisogno del vostro aiuto... con la chitarra mi sento a mio agio, ma con il pc un po' meno! 😄

Un fatto divertente su di me? I miei video sono già registrati da tempo e non conoscevo Udemy... ho perso tante energie per pubblicizzare il mio corso, mentre esisteva già un'ottima soluzione a portata di mano.

Grazie a tutti 🙂

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