Introducing myself

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Introducing myself

Hi everyone, happy new year.

I'm glad to join you, my name is Salman Alhiary, and I'm a Network Consultant Engineer (NCE) working with Cisco ๐Ÿ™‚ I have published my first course on Udemy recently. I'm so excited to be a Udemy instructor.

I wish you all the very best;


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Hi @salhiary 


Welcome to the community! Students at Udemy will get valuable knowledge and insights from your courses on networking. Feel free to browse through available articles that will help you launch newer courses and fine tune them! Wish you much success!

Thanks @AnupShukla 

Hi Salman ! Welcome and congrats for your first course. It seems to be a great quality course, you already have a good amount of students. Can I ask you how long did it take you to make the course ?



Hi @VictorFreys 
Thank you so much.

It took about 2 months of preparation, considering I already knew the technical knowledge.

Thank for your reply. Is this your side business ? How long did you spend per day to finish your course ?


Hey @VictorFreys, I spent around 4 hours a day, but on some days I couldn't afford that .. so that's why it took a long time.

Hey @salhiary , 2 months of preparation sound actually quite short to me. I am impressed by your efficiency. I am planning a course and I am on the construction / organization phase where I lay out the plan and its structure. It took me a bit more than a week to be satisfied with what I'd like to teach and how to organize it.

Besides, I work already 8 hours a day (if not more), so finding time is challenging to me, but motivation is there so I always find spot to write my scripts and so on. But this will take me long, as I don't want to release a draft or something I am not satisfied with. 




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