Meetup in Los Angeles?

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Meetup in Los Angeles?

Hey everyone...I'm new to Udemy and just posted a writing course on here.  I live in the Los Angeles area and, since this whole experience is virtual, it would be great to have a meetup at a Coffee Bean or such for face-to-face meetings with other instructors.  Please let me know if you are interested...I live in the Woodland Hills area in the West San Fernando Valley. 


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Community Champion

I do not live in los angeles, but if you have any questions you can count on us to help you 🙂

Álvaro Chirou.
Technology Expert

Hi Alvaro.  Thank you for contacting me and offering assistance.  I did get an email from "Emily Brown at Udemy" with the following offer.  I contacted Udemy and they said that they are not affiliated with this person.  I've heard they rip people off.  Should anyone alert people about them?  Here is the message I got:


Emily Brown
Mon, May 20, 11:34 AM (3 days ago)
to me
Thank you for your interest in our service. We will post honest, quality and positive feedback on your course. 
I'm Emily Brown here to represent the team that will help with this. We will closely follow your course and publish honest, quality and positive feedback. This will help you rank your course, get a decent amount of traffic on your course, which will help you multiply your profits. 
According to a recent online survey by Udemy, the number of good reviews and the number of students is the fastest way to get more traffic and more sales for your Udemy courses. The problem is to ask and convince your current students to leave a detailed review, they just watch the courses and remain without a review. 
We need a 100% discount coupon on your course and a minimum payment of$ 30 to start giving you high quality reviews. 
Think of it as a guaranteed return investment. We will give you a minimum of 50 real permanent reviews that will increase your profit by 250% and bring you a profit much more than $50. 
$30 for 70 reviews + 70 hight grade marks; 
$40 for 100 reviews + 100 hight grade marks; 
$50 for 150 reviews + 150 high grade marks; 
$70 for 200 reviews + 200 high grade marks + 200 students (without reviews); 
$100 for 300 reviews + 300 hight grade marks + 300 students (without reviews); 
$150 for 400 reviews + 400 hight grade marks + 400 students (without reviews); 
$200 for 600 reviews + 600 hight grade marks + 600 students (without reviews)VIP 
$250 for 800 reviews + 800 hight grade marks + 800 students (without reviews)VIP 
$300 for 1000 reviews + 1000 hight grade marks + 1000 students (without reviews)VIP 
Decide individually if you want more. 
If you are still interested then send your payment at Skrill -- or Paypal, and reply with a 100% free discount coupon, so we can get started. 
*We have a fight against terrorism in our country and all transfers from other countries are blocked and strictly controlled by the state. 
Only personal transfers from friends and relatives are allowed, so I'm apologize but i have to ask you to make a transfer at Paypal (via Skrill you can make it as usual) as a friend or a close person. Otherwise, money can be blocked and just hold in the system for a long time. It is not good for both of us. 
We will not receive the money that you send, and you will wait a long time for a refund. 
We also do not recommend posting comments on payment to the PayPal. This may slow down the order payment process.
With respect, 
Emily Brown and her Team. 
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