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Need some suggestions from experts


Good day,

I need some suggestion regarding for carrier,I Quit my job in May 2020. Then I started creating courses in Udemy but my earnings is very less. I did 3 mistakes in udemy

1.first I created practice Tests communication 

3.providing free coupons

Is it possible to survive in udemy. Still I'm unmarried my age 29 . Please give my suggestions.


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It is absolutely possible. Making a living is just like making a living doing anything else, starting any new business or starting on any new endeavour, it will take time. required lot of hard work and consistency. As long as you consistently work hard over a period of time you will succeed in anything including Udemy. 

Is it possible survive in udemy if do hardwork.

Guys please provide suggestions job or Udemy which one is best?

Hi @RajeshReddy680

Great question. Here are some insights:

Let me start by saying that Udemy is an extremely fulfilling career. The aspects of being your own boss, financial independence, and others are true. And if you are based in India, it is fairly easy too because you get income in USD that you only spend in INR. 


What it takes and what should you expect?


It requires all the 3P's to earn a Udemy income that will be enough to manage your monthly expenses - Persistence, Perseverance, and Perspiration. Second, it is not advisable to think that Udemy has a magic wand and you will start earning high income in just a few months. If an instructor comes with that intention he/she is sure to get disappointed. Like any other business, being on Udemy also requires your time, energy, and effort investment consistently to make it big. Also, one needs to constantly learn and improve as the competitive landscape keeps changing. 

My personal story might be helpful for you to think about what to do next:


I started on Udemy in 2016 with zero audience and no experience of creating elearning modules. I worked full-time and spent the rest of my hours making new courses. I learnt from senior instructors in the community, followed the best practices, regularly released high quality courses that were in demand but did not leave my full-time job. I used to spend 80 hours per week easily (full-time job + Udemy). While doing so I never imagined that I will leave my full-time job ever and also did not unreasonably expect Udemy to make great money at the same time. Many YouTube videos and the income statements of seasoned Udemy instructors inspired me. I knew that investing my time in Udemy will reap its rewards later. But those initial years were not the time to think what those rewards will be.

There is a famous saying in India, focus on the cause, the effect is bound to come. That was my mantra.


I had mortgage, credit card and other loans to the tune of over 80 lakhs INR. I routed all the income that I earned from Udemy towards my loans. And viola, with a dedicated effort of roughly 3 years, I became loan free with just the Udemy income. This was outstanding. So I continued with the formula, put your head down, do the needed work, and serve your audience.


My efforts continued, and by 2020, I was earning 4 times more than my office salary. I used to work as a Vice President with one of the largest US based Investment bank, so salary and perks were really good. Udemy income managed to give me a consistent paycheck equivalent to what the India CEO earned at the bank. Wow! This was when I decided now I can go full-time with Udemy. In October 2020 (almost 4 years after being on Udemy), I quit my full-time job.


Between Oct 20 and 21,  I continued with the same formula of putting my head down and creating in-demand courses (spending 80 hours per week). As a result, I almost doubled my monthly income in one year. 




I am sharing my personal story not to brag but possibly inspire your journey. Each individual is in a unique situation and must decide the right course of action for him/herself. I cannot recommend what will be the right course of action for you, but I can share my journey that can provide the necessary inputs for you to decide.


Also, don't be shy to put in the necessary time and efforts. There is no substitute to that. And once you start putting those efforts, don't stop until you succeed. Because you may feel nothing is working or everything is slow, but you may just quit when you are so close to the finish line.


Communication: I have reviewed your free lectures. I believe you have a neutral accent like me. Your audience will be able to understand you. Adding subtitles might help. So, communication should not be a hurdle.


Practice Tests and Coupons: It is ok to create practice tests, but I will recommend to create value adding courses for in-demand topics with less competition. Giving away too many free coupons may hurt in the long run, so please keep it limited. Also, no way to change past. So best thing is to learn and modify your actions for a better future.


I hope this was helpful and what you were looking for.



Thank you Rahul Iyer for your valuable suggestion.. I Realize now.....

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