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New to this platform

Looking forward to discussions & collaborations. I'm new to this platform, a bit nervous but ready to get started!! Hopefully the discussions will assist.

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Hi and welcome Nakiea,


My piece of advice is just to do it and stick with it.  Make high-quality courses but spend less time contemplating doing it and more time creating it! You will find lots of encouragement, honest feedback and help in creating your course, so poke around.  There are also some Udemy courses on making Udemy courses I found invaluable. 


Good Luck and ask away!



Alicia Paz M.A, QMHP
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Good advice from @AliciaPaz, but I'd even recommend making bad courses to get started.  If you stop to think about it, there are so many reasons for you not to do this.  There's too much you need to know, you're not an expert in your subject matter.  You name it.  The truth is that it's all hoowey!


When I started on Udemy almost 5 years ago I grabbed a headset microphone out of a copy of Rosetta Stone Spanish I had lying around, got a 30-day trial of Camtasia Studio 2018 and I was off.  Three months later, Tech Smith had accidentally extended my trial period, I'd purchased a better Logitech headset and I had 10 Udemy courses published.  From there on there was no looking back.


You need to decide whether you're going to commit yourself to doing this or not.  If you're ready, you need to learn some stuff, but not much and much of it is on this forum or pointed to from this forum.


Once committed to this path, put your head down and bulldoze ahead.  Periodically poke you're head up to make sure you're still going in the right direction, but the rest of the time you should be recording lectures.  Do not listen to all the nay-saying, especially coming from yourself.  You've made your decision, so do it.


"A Udemy instructor who is not recording is not a Udemy instructor."

--Brian Jackson


I know, not brilliant but also not bad on the fly.  I hope you get my point.


Hope this helps,



Hi Nakiea413;


Welcome to our community and accecpt my warmest congratulations!


It's our honor to help you to create your best course.

We are ready to help you to create great courses or increase the quality of your teaching.

The most important matters in teaching are:

1-Enjoy the teaching!

2-Consider you are teaching to children so say everything in depth and in simple language!

3-Try diffrent methods to delivery your concept.

4- Be expert in your field of teaching.


For recording :


1- You can use something like this:

but i'm using external sound card for connecting my microphone.

2-For better quality of your voice you can use Audacity Software and use it's noise reduction filter so the result is great.

3- For capturing your screen you can use : BB flashback pro.It;s really great app.

5- In addition you can send your test video to Udemy review team they are great and will help you a lot and also you can post your video here so we can help you.

6-Also you can use Udemy help center with great topics in this link:


7-Open My courses so there is few great Udemy free courses for how to create your course.

8- Don't worry anymore just focus on your recording and do your best.

Remeber this: practice make perfect.


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Create a video to introduce yourself and watch other videos from instructors to get to know them. We recommend including your name, what you teach, and what you hope to learn in your video.
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