Tell us what you think about this new community space!

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Tell us what you think about this new community space!

Hey everyone! Can you believe we’ve been in this new community space for over 2 months already?


This space is made for you, so we want to hear what you love about the community and what you think we can make even better. We’ll be hosting several calls next week to do hear directly from you. Sign up here if you’re interested in participating!


Don’t worry if you’re not chosen for a call. We’ll be sending out a survey later on so we can gather feedback from everyone!

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Hello this group is good so far,but if you guys can add this group with udemy app that will be udemy app add this instructor group and add push notificcation that when anyone post to this forum we can get notification ,,like facebook group,,if you can do this i think that would be great..most of us all time use mobile phone,,now in this website you need to wait,,when a instructor come here,,they will see post and then they will comment...that's not good..

Hi @Yazdani Chowdhury, thanks for the feedback! Please do fill out the form if you're interested in sharing your thoughts 🙂 We'll also be sharing a survey in the near future so you can share there if you'd prefer.

I do want to add that you can access the community through Udemy's app while you're in the instructor view. Let me know if you have trouble finding that.

opps,,when udemy added it on udemy app,,i did not know about this..just saw it,,thanks for knowing me...but maybe push notification is no added..and its only webview..they just redirect to community website..

Hi Jocelyn!


Thanks so much for your question and attention!! However, this new view is really beautiful, and all of us know that we need more time to adapt ourselves to use this new community space. But if I want to recommend, I'd like to see the messages that come from whole of the team workers on Udemy, as distinct messages or notifications; to avoid their loss as much as we can.


With Best Wishes!

Maram A. N. Shtaya



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It seems a little slow.  I was expecting there to be more activity.


Instructor's questions seem to be getting answered.  So, the group is providing a service.


I'm getting bored answering the same questions and wondering about devising some canned responses that some point to past posts.  It would be neat of some of the stuff posted to this group could be gathered into an FAQ (or should I reference my own home page posts).


I think another big point would be to somehow offer an incentive for experienced instructors to come to this site.  I've had some time to kill while waiting for the completion of several batch jobs but can see no reason to continue on here once my full bandwidth is available.


It's much nicer and more considerate than the FB groups that I left.



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