What would be a popular course for me to create based on my varied and extensive skillset?

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What would be a popular course for me to create based on my varied and extensive skillset?

So I have 15+ years of carpentry & home building experience. I also have 20+ years of IT experience.  Plus extensive experience fixing broken things I bought cheap.  Currently doing freelance IT, but it's running me ragged and it has it's slow months. Lots of Digital signage, cat5/6 rough cabling & terminations. I have many certs, like Novell CNE, MCSE , Cisco.  So I basically don't know where to start, and I can see myself getting discouraged if I sped a lot of time on a course nobody takes.  So Here's a list, and if you see one that's not really covered or seems interesting enough to be popular it would help me decide. 


Cat5 cabling & terminations

Digital signage 

How to install wall to wall carpet & glues direct carpet

How to live cheap in states with high property taxes

How to make a living on the Workmarket Platform

How to build a freestanding spiral staircase out of Oak.

How to make your own Formica Laminate countertop

How to passthrough a gaming GPU to a KVM or VSphere virtual machine

Norwegian Stick Framing (a lost art)

How to run OSX Sierra virtual machine with Nvidia GPU passthrough on KVM

How to flip stuff from craigslist


I can certainly think of more, but this is a start.  I'll maybe post again if i think of a good one. 




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No clue, we are not your targer students.


I can however tell you my process and how I decided when I started on Udemy 2 years ago.


I sat down, made a list of EVERYTHING I was better at than 95% of the population, EVERYTHING.


I then rated them all on:

  • How good I was at whatever.
  • How comfortable I was explaining it.
  • How large of an audience.
  • How much competition.
  • How good the competition was.
  • A few more criteria I forget.

From the original loooonng list, I had it down to a top 10.

Then I did more indepth research on those topics.

Narrowing it down to a few top contenders, which I then began with. 

It can take some days, but it is an awesome investment, 


You being an expert in something 5 people want to learn, is just as useless as you being not very good in a saturated topic, you need to find your niche and then grow from there I think. 


Thor Pedersen - IT , Project Management, and Cyber Security trainer

Seems like you are spoilt for choice. Use the marketplace tools to analyse the supply and demand for your list of courses. Personally, working on my first course, I chose a topic that would be easy for me to structure just to get one completed and get used to the whole Udemy course creation process. I am about 40% there on the videos, then I will have the uploads and quizzes to do so I am really about 25% complete. 

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