10 Things I've Learned Throughout my 2.5 year Udemy Career! [Tips & Advice]

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10 Things I've Learned Throughout my 2.5 year Udemy Career! [Tips & Advice]

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Hey guys!
Filip Kordanovski here. I'm very much enjoying this new community and what a better way to start than with some valuable tips I've learned through my relatively short, but amazing, Udemy career.

1. Be consistent with communicating with your students.
Send out promotional announcements whenever you have something new to sell or upcoming course release. Send out educational announcements with related course content, at least once per month and provide even more value to your existing students.

2. Gather your exsisting students within a community group.

I prefer Facebook Groups, Discord chatrooms or anything other, really. Let this be a hub for your existing students and connect with them. Students like when they are receiving attention from their instructor and 1-on-1 communication with them may be crucial for that student to enroll in your new course!

3. Respond to private messages, reviews, Q&A questions and assignments.

Student engagement is by far the most important thing you can achieve as an instructor. Engaged students are likely going to enjoy your upcoming courses based on how you treated them in your previous ones!

4. Research what your existing students are interested in, besides your course topic.
This is important because you get to know what your audience would like to learn next and what a better way to surprise them than with creating a course they are simply dying to watch! Udemy provides in-depth statistics of this matter.

5. Quality over quantity
Always focus on delivering high quality content, catchy visuals, crystal clear audio and always improve on your delivery. Don't rush to create course that is not perfectly made or even not finished completely. If you want any specific tips about the things I mentioned in this tip, feel free to ask away!

6. Quality courses equals high selling price

Don't set your courses at 20$! A carefuly crafted course is worth way more than that. Always aim for the 100$+ price mark, so when Udemy has a sale, the student will be excited to see that the course they want to purcahse is 90% off!

7. Learn from the big guys

Always research your competition before creating a course on a particular topic. I'd say, research about 10 competitor courses in your niche, and start listing out things that their courses are missing and make sure to include them into your courses! This is the best tip I can give you to win on Udemy.

8. Free coupons is a risky move!
Most students who enroll in your premium course for free are not interested in your topic as a person who would pay for your course. Be cautious with this, since this may lead to low review ratings, overflooding your course with inactive students and thus resulting in incorrect statistics like engagement, analytics and more. I'd say just give 10-15 free coupons to close friends and let them criticize your course!


9. Bite sized lectures are the way to go!
Don't make your lectures long videos that the student may feel overwhelmed by watching! Let them grasp a concept in a short video and make them feel like they've learned at least something throughout that short lecture! They are also more likely to watch a shorter lecture, thus, increasing your engagement!

10. Never stop learning

I've been an instructor for 2.5 years but I'm still learning new things daily. Always research delivery techniques, learn from more successful instructors than you, visit this community hub at least 1 hour per day and learn and contribute! It will return ten times higher in your journey to become the best instructor you can be.

Don't forget that you're changing lives of students daily throughout your courses. You help them land their dream job, get an internship or simply learn a new skill!

Feel free to talk and share your ideas on how to improve on any field! Let's make this thread the ultimate go-to for any newcomer and seasoned instructor!

You're awesome, keep rocking!

Filip Kordanovski

- Filip is founder of www.teachermethod.com, 1-on-1 mentorship program dedicated to teach you how to create and sell exceptional Udemy courses
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Thanx for your valuable tips Filip. Need a small advice. I have recently got my first course published on Udemy which is available for free. After about how many courses should I start putting it on paid mode? Thanx a lot

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Hi Philip 

really nice post of yours.. congratulations on your success on udemy.


I would like to know where can I put my FAcebook link for my students?

Also please let me know is it better to create 2 separate courses on same subject as a continuation if it’s a very deep subject?



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Thanks, I do appreciate the tips and I will try to put them to good use.

All the best in your endeavors.

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Thank you very much Filip for your valuable suggestions on content creation... Really true that I want to practice these in my courses...

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