$1million mark achieved on Udemy!

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$1million mark achieved on Udemy!


I wanted to post this screenshot to give inspiration to you guys teaching on Udemy. I started here in April 2016, and it was slow going at first… achieving $50 in my first month and only $700 overall after 4 months. But I had an overwhelming passion to make Udemy my full-time job and be the best I can be at it.


After year 1, I had made just over $20k. I was happy but felt I could achieve more and help more people. Eventually it was when I posted the first Cryptocurrency course on Udemy that things changed!


I am 1m% grateful to Udemy for the support, guidance and motivation, in addition to the brilliant resources, to make courses. I have been exclusive with Udemy, no starting my own website, no posting on multiple e-learning websites… because I didn’t need or want to. Everything I have is here and I hope this achievement can show you that all you need is Udemy and great courses!


I thought I was late to the party starting in 2016 when Udemy had been going for years already. But it shows you if you make a knowledge rich, long course on Udemy in a trending area and you have worked hard building your student numbers and are genuinely helpful as a teacher, you can achieve your goals no matter when you join.


Hope this helped inspire you today…


Let me know if you have any questions.

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Really inspiring indeed! I wish you add one more zero at the end of 1 million dollars mark very soon.


Good luck for all future courses!

Congratulations @Suppoman™ ! I am so happy to see that all the hard work paid off and you achieved this amazing milestone! keep it up and best of luck with all future courses!

Really great to hear that - and thanks for sharing @Suppoman™! Gratulations. 

If I may be so kind to ask: 
Did you focus first on Quality, amount of offered Courses or online Marketing? Is there any of this fields you would recommend to focus on for beginners?

I started Udemy Courses two years ago, but saw it as a trial and some kind of Hobby first to share my passion in spirituality and on spiritual topics (which is very hard in my first hand job, for I work in the field of Webdesign and IT-ProjectManagement) - but i gained expertise in the field of spirituality as well, for I studied Theology for six years and served as a Reiki Master and Teacher as well. Therefore, I wanted to offer some courses for those interessted in spirituality as well. 

However - may courses sell, but at a very low rate already. That was pretty much ok and fine until it was only a hobby to me to teach and prepare online courses. Actually I want to raise my activity and start a self-emploxed business from it. So my first guess was to raise my offer and produce more courses. 

That's why I ask ^^

A truly remarkable achievement. What's your advice for new instructors starting to create content on Udemy?

AMAZING! Very inspiring to hear! 👊

Great story. Thanks!

GREAT ......... @Suppoman™  do you have some private mail to ask you some details ? Thank you for inspiration and especially in advance for cooperation.

Great job! I was pushing on like, but in my excitement I hit 'me too' by accident. Perhaps it was a serendipitous slip-up, serving as a motivator for me to strive for similar success.


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Community Manager

Hahaha, you just found a new use for this button @Ahmad.Elhajjar - that's GENIUS!


 seth meyers lol GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers


Sending you best wishes for achieving 1 million on Udemy too! 🤩

Gaston Galarza
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Congrats @Suppoman™ 

and thanks for sharing.

It's inspiring to us

Congrats @Suppoman™, I just joined Udemy and journeying toward "the 2 comma club" lol

Wow that amazing congratulations @Suppoman™ 

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