A Strange Promo :)

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A Strange Promo :)


This is my promo video about the "Hacking and Securing Microsoft SQL Server".

I am still preparing. It has a interesting story in it.

What do you think?

How did you find it?

Thank you.


2 Replies

Hi, I will tell you my thoughts:

  1. The right part of your face is too dark... I don't know if you did it with a purpose or just didn't put a light but it's kinda intimidating, I would suggest you to put a light there...
  2. As it is a promo I would put some music in background, I noticed that you have something but it's too low and also is a wrong type, to me it would be better a music with some rhytm...
  3. I noticed you change outfit during the video... it's kinda disorienting, I would stay with just one shirt during all the video
  4. As it should be a promo video 4 minutes is too long... try to make it a 2 minutes video.

Anyway the quality of the video is very good, I like it... good job!


The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success (Paramhansa Yogananda)

Hi  MassimilianoAlf,

Thank you for your suggestions.

You say, "The right part of your face is too dark..."

Let me explain.

The subject of the course ise attacking and securing to the database systems. I am telling about both hacking and securing. So the philosophy is that, Every hacker must think like a security guard and every security guard must think like a hacker. So it is a Chinesee belief. "Yin Yang".

In the video, in fact three types of person.

First, hacker;Black shirt,black background

Second, Security guard;White shirt,White background

Third, Story teller;Black shirt,White background

And They have their background music.

I used one way light and one side of my face is dark. Linke yin yang 🙂


As i said, it is a strange promo. It has a story in it 🙂



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