Community Spotlight: Meet Sharon Ramel

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Community Spotlight: Meet Sharon Ramel

@SharonRamel has been offering spirit based courses online since April 2014. She pioneered shamanism being taught class style online in video format here on Udemy and globally. Her strong points include bringing her tribe (students) together in love providing them with a unique experience to empower them. Course creation is a rich experience for her as she is always seeking unique ways to engage with her tribe. 


She also recently won the "Teach the Teacher: Udemy Community" award at Udemy LIVE this year.





Why did you become a Udemy instructor?

Sharon became an Udemy instructor in 2013 as she had received messages from great Spirit that she had to share sacred Rites from South America with the world. She discovered that not only could she publish on Udemy, but that they would help her by promoting her course. Although she was initially reluctant as she was the first globally to teach these Rites online she went ahead and fulfilled the prophecy to spread the Rites globally.


What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced on your Udemy journey?

Her biggest challenge faced was that essentially at that time Udemy seemed very IT-focused. She was unsure that it was a suitable platform. However, she had no experience in course creation (Udemy offered it) and had no email list so private hosting was not considered. After that her biggest hurdle was making it work - these were sacred Rites - only transmitted person to person or in small groups. Coming up with a course that effectively initiated people online made her think way outside the square.


What’s your fondest memory about the instructor community? As a Community Champion?

She is always so happy when she has helped a fellow instructor publish their first then more courses. Sharon loves seeing others prosper on Udemy as she thinks that the pie is plenty big enough for everyone to share. She was brought to tears at the recent conference in Berlin when she awarded the “Teach the Teacher” award. She had no idea it was coming and was sitting hemmed in the furthest away from the stage that was possible!


What’s one thing you’ve learned from another instructor in the community?

Marketing and being visible was initially a challenge for her. Originally she hid ‘behind her course messages’. Early on  instructors such as Denise Fletcher, Teresa Greenway,

Phil Ebiner, Scott Duffy, have all helped shape the fact that students love to connect with the person teaching the course. She never misses anything written by instructors like Larry Miller or Jason Dion. She is always learning from her peers as she doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel, she leaves that for her courses. 


What did your first filming set-up look like? What’s it like now?

Sharon started from her PC using Microsoft tools such as PowerPoint, their video editor, she had the smallest Sony Handycam and invested in a Technica microphone and pop filter. Luckily her sons still lived at home and helped (payment for living at home!). These days she has a greenscreen, halo light, 2 x light stands, Rode Podcaster, a bigger Sony Handycam, teleprompter on her iPad with a stand.


What’s your favorite / most memorable student interaction (online or offline)?

Her most memorable student interaction came from a Professor at Stanford University, one of Sharon’s most difficult and demanding students - he was the head of his department and completely miserable with his life. Through her courses, he charted the life he had always wanted, left the safety of the University, moved to Columbia, started a business helping and promoting local cultural activities, has married and loves his life. Every now and then he pops back onto one of her courses to let her know how great his life is now and how her courses gave him the strength to pursue the life he wanted to lead.


If you could give a first-time instructor some advice, what would you say?

She always suggests that potential new instructors only teach what they truly know and are 100% committed and passionate about. Sharon always encourages newbies to enroll in all of Udemys free “how to” courses, plus be a part of the community and ask questions…. Real questions… someone will answer and help - they always do. 


What inspires you to continue teaching online?

Sharon sees that she has hardly scratched the surface. She has taken on the challenge to make Shamanism more universally popular without diluting or undermining its core messages. She is excited about the big picture vision that Udemy has for the future and plans to be around and a big part of it. 


Anything else you’d like to add?

She loves it! She managed to write consistently in the third person….

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Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

thanks @JocelynH, it was great meeting with you in person at UdemyLive in Berlin

Sharon Ramel
Spiritual Guide, Shaman, Priestess of the Blue Rose
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