Coronavirus and the state of emergency in the world!

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Coronavirus and the state of emergency in the world!

Coronavirus and the state of emergency in the world!

I want to talk about this because I can sense that people are taking this situation in the wrong way. 

So someone just keeps on panicking or taking advantage of an extra weekend. 

Guys this is not a vacation! 

Offices are closed and people work from home, just because if the whole company will be stuck in one room and got infected, it would mean that the whole company cannot activate and the business might be under higher danger! 

No one said, that you need to stop your activities or just chill with Netflix at home. 

I consider that, unless you are sick, you need to activate all your resources and extra power to grow! Yes, this is not the time for downsizing, it’s time for expansion!


Due to the fact that all the small players on the market are going to panic and shut down their activities and you can pick up all the market! 

Let’s be realistic, people still buy stuff and services! 

So, rather than panicking and finding an excuse to not work, better pick up the activities, be pushier and more consistent and work harder. This is the best strategy that you can choose for you and your organization when you have a state of emergency. 

A lot of things can be done online actually all things can be done online and take a benefit from it. 

I admire those entrepreneurs that are approaching me now and asking for consultancy and support, so we create new strategies on how to conquer the market and expand. 

You need to focus on areas where the money is and follow them, yes a lot of companies lost billions of $ but at the same time someone got them, you are the one who chose on which side of this situation you are. 

I don’t want to sound rude, but you need to be persistent at what you are doing because others will quit, because it will get hard and you need to be persistent if you want your business to survive. 

I’m not telling you to take advantage of the virus, but you need to find out what other people don’t do and do it !! 

So let me summarize : 

Do not panic

Find ways to expend 

Do what others don’t do 

Move to online 

Ask for help if you don’t know what to do 

Work harder 

P.S: i know that my point of view might not sync with yours, but I’m open to discussing it!

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one idea: please Udemy, allow us to make our content freely available, even courses that have been marked as free in the past ( last time I checked, if a course has been free, and then was put a price, can not be free again ).


At least, let us create unlimited 1 month cuppons, at least while the pandemic remains.


Lets do our share to help the world!


Those who are at home, confined, and even many of those who are ill, can benefit from our action.


Best regards from Portugal


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