Demotivated Due to Low Performance After Spending 3 Years on Udemy

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Demotivated Due to Low Performance After Spending 3 Years on Udemy

Hi Everyone!

I'm working on Udemy for the past 3 years and have published 22 courses. When I started working on Udemy, I wasn't familiar with the course creation industry. I've updated my courses many times to give the values and best teaching-learning experience. Technically, I spend most of my time comparing every course with the competitors, deleting many videos and making new ones with better quality, working deeply on the landing page, 


I'm still thankful to all instructors who guided me that how to create the courses by the old Udemy Facebook group? 


I'm a Math and Science instructor on Udemy. Apart from Math and Science, I have learned about Adobe premiere pro, after effects, illustrator, and some other mathematics writing software. Moreover, I've purchased some recording devices which are necessary for courses creation.


I'm not worried about my wasting of time. And now I have a lot of time to make new courses but my revenue is decreasing day by day. Up to 21 September 2021, my 22 courses have made only $97.  The courses are (3-30) hours in length. I would love to invite you all to visit my profile and give their feedback. Thank you for reading this post.




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I see you have over 600 ratings, so I'm assuming you've made more than $97 and that's just this month's figure. If so, well, that effort wasn't a wash, right? Do you feel that you made back enough over the lifetime of these courses to justify the effort you put into them? If so, then that's something to be proud of. 


So that raises the question of what to do now. You could just close the door on this chapter of your career and move on to a new job, a new venture, or whatever new opportunities might present themselves. Creating these courses allowed you to grow personally and professionally, and there's nothing wrong with building on that and moving in a new direction. The truth is that it's hard to breathe new life into a course with all the competition in the marketplace today, and you should be judicious in how you invest your time.


But if you do want to try to revive your Udemy presence, I'd start by doubling down on what seems to be working. Based on the number of reviews, it looks like there's a fair amount of interest in your math for data science and machine learning course. So I'd start by focusing on that.


I only see one other course that seems to be in direct competition with yours. It has far less content, but a slightly higher rating and slightly more ratings. Overtaking it is possible.


First you need to internalize the feedback your reviews in that course are telling you. There is a consistent theme about your audio quality; you may have to re-record or re-edit your videos to boost the audio level. There is also feedback about some inconsistencies in the course that you could address. Once you've made the course as good as it can be, then it's time to promote it a bit and try to drive more ratings on it. You could run a contest for students who complete the course; although you can't explicitly ask for them to review the course in return, many will. You could precede that contest with a batch of free coupons to increase the number of students who might participate. The name of the game is to get more reviews, and better reviews, than your competition.


I'd also think about whether that course is in the right category. Right now yours is under linear algebra, and your competition is under machine learning. You might get more browse traffic under ML, but it might be more competitive than the topic you are currently in. Something worth researching and thinking about anyhow.


If it works, then repeat the process with your next most popular course.


Hope this helps.


Absolutely agreed. Udemy is not worth the time or effort. Often, you get *maybe* $5 per enrolment. Their commission is insane. Superficially, it looks fine. But, then their commission rate increases astronomically in promotion circumstances, which it seems apply almost all the time. 

I would not make a new course for Udemy. 

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Hi @finance looking at it I believe your courses have a great opportunity to sell well. It is only my opinion, but I think if your paid more attention to SEO, elaborate on lecture titles, lecture descriptions and your CLP that you would attract more of an audience.


You have taken a minimalist approach to these essential for success ingredients. 


Plus I only watched one promo - but you want to shine - you speak and present well - but how about mix it up with some bullet points - make it look more exciting.


Again your bio has a minimalist approach - this is your chance to sing from the rooftops why potential students should trust and go with you. Your bio is an entire 5 lines long.

Sharon Ramel
Spiritual Guide, Shaman, Priestess of the Blue Rose

Thanks for your response. I do appreciate your comments and they are well taken. 


My biggest concern with Udemy is the sheer revenue share. udemy takes 75% of revenue. For example, for a $19.95 course, I receive around $5. I have opted out of promotions in order to prevent Udemy driving it even lower. But, frankly, $5 per course sale is pathetic and not worth my time.


This alone means I would absolutely not both making an Udemy course again. In my opinion, Udemy is a terrible platform, and is parasitic in nature. I would not encourage content creators to use them. 


Dear Mr. Frank

your post is wonderful and honest. Very matured. Keep it up.

Love and blessings 

Thank you so much for your detailed reply. I will review my course content and will update ASAP. 

Udemy is not the same like it used to be. Period.

Syed Raza

It doesn't take a day to conceive and deliver, patience is, apart from love the next virtue anyone can have, it doesn't take little sacrifice to become a best selling author. In every industry there are learners and there experts, you will understand my submission better if are familiar with forex trading, before you become a predator you have to be a bate for the big gurus.



hI...I have gone through your post and profile.Its really appreciable that you have created 22 course.From Last 2 years we all are going through pandemic situation., some where it has impact every once income too. 

What I feel 'keep few courses as 'Free' it will help to promote/marketing of your courses.When I was new I never compromise price in course but after 4-5 months I realize I should run promotional activity too.I got good result too plus I start to update new topics and articles on each course.Yes competition is there every where but we should try our best and we should not give up.


Good and honest reply. 

Blessings & Regards 

Do you sell on your own website? Most people sell their courses in multiple places. 

No I dont sell any course on web site yet

Not at all. Totally, rely on Udemy.

Is it allowed 

Best regards

Salil Dhawan
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Community Champion

Its admirable the number of courses you have created, there are few things I thought as I went through your profile - 

  1. You have given out a high number of free coupons, which has caused your courses to rate under 4, once that happens the change of sales goes down drastically.
  2. The video, audio quality has a lot of echo, the video quality is also not at par with other courses.
  3. Your course landing page is just simple bullet points and does not scribe the value your course will have.
  4. The courses seem to be very basic and general knowledge, rather than conveying that they are complete courses that will provide a lot of value.

I think you should really see the kind of content top instructors are creating, even buy a few courses,  content creation as well as sale, because you have to sell yourself, your personality and sell the fact that this course will create an impact in their life. 

Wish you all the best, keep working hard.

Good reply

Best and kind regards 

@ADchauhdry - I see that at least 9 of your courses are rated 4.0 or lower. This is not good at all and will impact sales of those courses and quite possibly your other courses. No one can really compete on Udemy unless their ratings are at least 4.2-4.4.

If you are a maths specialist only try to do more courses on maths alone.Whatever the maths you are teaching try to do cover entire concepts with quizzes, assignments etc.,My sincere  suggestion is only create courses that are related to maths only,Don't concentrate on other areas.It will impact in other way.

@ADchauhdry  Do you have YouTube channel ? You can offer few lectures on YouTube for free and drive traffic to Udemy or your own website. I have seen these topics are having high demand on YouTube. You can also target your country's syllabus or competitive exams. You can look for "Physics Wallah - Alakh Pandey" channel for reference. He is from India and doing well on YouTube.

It's an old post tho I'd add my 50 cents.
I plan to record more courses as I have lots of good material to cover.

My 2 courses right now (same course in the English & Polish languages) are doing ok on a small scale. Of course, English version is like 80%+ of the whole deal. 

What helps is to do some marketing plus have some unique content. If you have something that 100s of people have then what sells? Brand, marketing, original content, your personality,  price?

Now this is subjective of course - I've been a ghost-writer for some courses and my clients usually want a 3-4h of content, not more, as those are animated courses and animation costs. 

If you go for black on white powerpoint with some pictures here and there then sure, it's cheaper to make, assuming that you don't need to do lots of research ahead of time.

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