Heartfelt Thank you to Udemy from my family!

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Heartfelt Thank you to Udemy from my family!

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 12.39.00 PM.pngMy name is Mohammad Azam and I am an iOS/Web instructor on Udemy. Udemy is my part time job, as I teach full time for a bootcamp.


I am writing this post to thank Udemy for providing me the opportunity to teach thousands of people around the world. I have been on Udemy since late 2015 and it has been a great learning experience. After close to 4 years I have 22 courses on Udemy and each year I work extremely hard to create more courses. I have learned more in these 4 years then all previous years combined. 


I like to travel.. a lot 🙂 So, instead of spending money on devices or gadgets I take my family to small vacations. Last year we went to San Diego and Florida and this year we just came back from Estes Park, CO (The picture is from last week at Estes Park).


Thank you Udemy from me and my family! 



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That's awesome! How was Estes Park? 


I'd also love to hear what some of the things you've learned in the last 4 years are! Can you share your top 3 learnings with us @azamsharp?

Sure @JocelynH


Estes Park was amazing! This was our second time in Estes Park. Lot of wild life, mainly Elks roaming around everywhere.


Here are things I learned: 


- Love your students! Help them and answer their questions within 24 hours. Tell them you care and you are here to help them. 

- Stand up when recording. I recorded 22 courses and 20 of them were recorded standing up. By standing up you add energy to your lectures 

- Provide updates to your courses. This is hard when you have a lot of courses but you can provide updates for your courses with most students or most revenue to keep it fresh all the time. 

- Teach subjects you are passionate about. If you don't like the subject then people will notice in your voice. 

- Enjoy the ride! The best way to learn is to teach. Enjoy the process, have fun and don't forget to take a break 🙂 


* I will be taking a break in June to visit beautiful Portland, OR 🙂 




First off that picture is wonderful lifting my 3&5 years old is hard now and I always wonder what age will I have to pass on lifting them so now I need to join a gym! When I read your vacations I was like Portland has to be on that outdoorsy list.  I live in Portland past 10 years, it's beautiful and feel free to hit me up for ideas especially for food and kid-friendly stuff.  It will be nice and warm and we have no humidity and nothing gets too crowded and it's such a beautiful city with a ton to do and lots of nature day trips.


Lastly glad Udemy has done such wonderful things it's great to hear from other parents how it has helped.  I was able to stay at home and only work part-time while raising my newborn 5 years ago working on Udemy, while I worked I had a nanny a room over so I could see my baby often- a rare circumstance for most of my working parent friends.  I really like the lessons you learned as well.


Enjoy your next vacation and congrats on your Udemy success!

Alicia Paz M.A, QMHP

Thanks Alicia! 


My kids are 8 and 6 and this time it was really hard to lift them! I need to exercise more 🙂 


My trip to Portland will be a solo trip since my family will be in different city. I always wanted to visit Portland and really excited to be there in June. 





Congrats on your Udemy success  and your cute children!


That is a very inspiring story, Azam.

Thanks for sharing it!

Amazing story, Azam. 


Thanks for sharing and keep up your good work. 

Thank you! 

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