Join us for a live chat with Udemy CEO, Gregg Coccari

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Join us for a live chat with Udemy CEO, Gregg Coccari

Hello Instructor Community!


We are excited to bring you the first of many live community events on January 27th from 9-10am PST! This event will be a fireside chat with Udemy's CEO, Gregg Coccari. We'll have the opportunity to hear directly from Gregg about where Udemy has been and where we’re going in a post-IPO world. 


Please use this link to register by January 25th, 2022 as space is limited.


This is your chance to ask any questions you might have, so feel free to ask in this thread! We'll use your questions to shape the conversation.


We recognize that in trying to accommodate the time zones this time might not be the ideal time frame for some of you, however, a replay of the coffee chat will be available in the community later in the week.


*Please note that this event is being held in English.* 


We look forward to connecting with you virtually on January 27th at 9:00 am PST.

Until then, don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have for Gregg in the comments below

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My question is about the tools that instructors should have to help them promote their courses.

I recently ran an (unsuccessful) ad campaign on Facebook to promote my new course: "How to Write A Short Essay."

One reason that was brought to my attention by Facebook Ads experts was that some additional information could make the ads much more successful, such as the statistics of conversion events (add to wish-list, add to basket, enter payment information, ...) that happen on our course landing page.

Please consider providing this information to the instructors, as it is obviously in the best interest of both Udemy and the instructors community.




January 27th from 9-10am PST
is Jan 27th 1 am - 2 am Malaysian time.
I will try to stay await and hope I can make it.

Teaching "Ancient Wisdom Today Well Being"

I would love to ask the following: " Are you going to review the percentage collected for the courses? " especially these courses where the instructors are using the marketing tools that you provide. 97% is not an easy percentage to collect!!!!. as well as the 50% !!!. 

These percentages made me halt my horses a little bit & not publish more videos!!! 

I would like to know more about the revenue, I am about to publish my first course.
For eg- if I decide to keep the price as 1280 INR

What would I get for each purchase if -

i) A student enrolls in the course directly.

ii) A student enrolls in the course through my referral link.


It would be great if you could take up this question in the session. Thanks!!

Thanks Udemy team ,


I would really like to know how your are planning to bring more traffic to the marketplace . 
I think it has been clear how Udemy has been growing in B2B segment Udemy business . 

B2C segment has stagnated . 
What would you be doing to  accelerate B2C marketplace ? 






I am fairly new to Udemy and am defiantly still learning the ropes here but a few things that are on my mind. Firstly, I would love to see students be able to tip their instructor as a token of appreciation. Instructors work very hard and maybe a little under appreciated...why not give students the opportunity to show appreciation for those instructors going above and beyond. Most sites now days where you are giving a service has this option...fiverr, upworks, and more... Just my thoughts...


Secondly, I would love to understand who to channel course questions on structure and submissions too. Because this past week has been a disaster trying to reach someone who 'reviews' courses and has now halted my course launch. I cannot be the only one having had issues with this and I really felt targeted, because of that I really wanted to speak to someone who could help me. I tried customer service, they don't handle those issues they say. I tried emailing the address he gave me for support and they have also blown me off. I wish it wasn't so impersonal, there is no one to call and talk to or to help? I think in general instructors should be treated more kindly in this regard. (Let's get you to someone who can help you with that).


Thank you, I look forward to hearing the chat,


I do wish very much to have a live chat with Udemy CEO.
Unfortunately, due to time zone, it is during our sleeping time.
I hope Udemy CEO can address my concern as follow:
I publish around 30 video courses, both in English and Chinese.
There are a fair number of enrollment to the English courses, but very little to the Chinese similar courses.
Early  I did ask when will Udemy gain entry to the China vast market, whereby there will be more Chinese learners. And I hope in this coming live chat with Udemy CEO, I can get to know the status and success of Udemy entering the China market. 
Thank you.


Teaching "Ancient Wisdom Today Well Being"
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