Meet Vash - Community Champion Spotlight

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Meet Vash - Community Champion Spotlight

Hello Instructor Community!


We are excited to bring you another Community Champion Spotlight. Each month we’re helping you get to know some of the community’s most active instructors on a more professional and personal level.


This week we are putting the spotlight on one of our newest Community Champions, Vash, founder of Fervent. He is based in the UK and has been teaching courses in Finance, Investing, Financial Data Science, and Accounting on Udemy since 2018.


Get to know more about Vash in our interview below:




What is your teaching style?

Student-centric teaching, without compromising on the mathematical and theoretical integrity of concepts


What is one thing you wish that every NEW Udemy Instructor knew?

It's a VERY long game. Don't believe the "hype" about how you can create your amazing online course in 30 minutes. You *could*, but it won't get you very far. Focus on enjoying the process of course/content creation. The results will come eventually.


Can you share your favorite experience/interaction with a student?

Dime a dozen instances where students ask questions outside the scope of the course. I like these because they get me thinking, too!


If you didn't teach on Udemy what would you be doing?

Probably either teaching/educating people in-person/online, or writing code to do some funky data analytics and hopefully drive meaningful insights that create value.


What is your favorite thing about being an online instructor?

Creating impact at scale and freedom.


Who would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island?

Gregg Coccari - one needs an optimist in these instances (and someone who can drive solutions!)


If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

The power to create content at scale!


Have a question for Vash? Ask him in the comments below!

3 Replies

Cheers @Bella! Happy to answer any questions and to help fellow instructors!

Hi vash Nice Meeting to you How Long patience Needed in Udemy to Receive Students what kind of practices & Niche Needed ..Could you please Share your Experience When your Initial Timing As a New Instructor in Udemy Journey Begins Yours. 

Jesmion said, hundred mistakes were never a failure but a pathway to work harder; If your students made mistakes how would you react? ..
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