My February Audience & Sales Approach

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My February Audience & Sales Approach

Many people, especially young instructors, ask how much can they earn on the course, why the courses do not explode and that sort of questions. 


During my first mentoring session with Scott Harris (as an award for Journey to Black Friday Challenge), he mentioned a lot of building the audience. 


Since February is not a perfect month of organic sales, also for the launch of a new course,

I decided to put the extra effort and develop my audience more.


This is a long term strategy, but let me share the action samples that gave me the growth in February. Actually, you can observe, how my activities influence the sales: 


Zrzut ekranu 2019-03-02 o 06.57.15.png


I want to share with you Guys, what way i have chosen, what was going on and how did I found the response:


1. I spent a week trying to figure out improving the quality of my youtube live sessions using DSLR.  Invested in HDMI grabber (BTW. thanks Jason Dion for the model recommendation).  A week later, after around 100 attempts, finally, the quality of the live stream was as I wanted,


2. Decided to focus on my youtube audience more (my channel is a small expert corner, I upload new episodes 2-3 times per week), encouraged to join my new facebook group by contests, tools, and challenges.  Then I introduced live stream weekly program and also topic months (Feb was only for aerial photography, March is for begginers with a few experts tips, etc). That is a long term strategy to establish a membership site eventually...  

Zrzut ekranu 2019-03-02 o 07.13.18.png

3. So what are the first impressions: 


- longer youtube sessions, especially live weekly programs give me great effects, this is an easy way to interact, classify the audience and build a more involved community and that is what we need for our courses. Even if a number of views is not massive, the watch time grows. I put a lot of effort to encourage, interact with the audience, notify them and also organize challenges, inform of specific facts, 


- there is also a magical, thin line to not overwhelm the audience, but to create the interest,  


- I found also that topic months are great for both sides. During February I created the course of aerial photography, but in the meantime, based on the same recording sessions & footage, I created several Youtube episodes. Each of youtube episodes refers to the course but gives the value as well. Each of them involves the audience and calls to act (eg. challenges with small awards),


- my total youtube visits nr was 25,5 K with 100 K minutes watched, each of the episodes includes a small reference to the online courses, but what is more important, the sales ratio develops slowly. 


As an effect the new course launch goes nice, it is NEW and HOT, my promotions gave me decent effects,  also decided to increase the price of my coupons from 9,99 to 11,99 USD. 

Zrzut ekranu 2019-03-02 o 07.34.20.png

Hope you will find inspiration and answer how to sell more.


Thanks for Scott Harris, Caroline  Walthall, and Jason Dion for an advice. 






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Sounds like you got some great tips and advice and are doing well at building an audience and presence off of Udemy to increase sales on Udemy.

All the best


Thank you Dan

Thanks for sharing! Tagging in @ScottHarris @CarolineW and @JasonDion so they can see your shoutout 🙂 

Great job making your own success! Keep up the hard work. 



Jason Dion
Lead Instructor @ Dion Training Solutions
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