My first 1000$ in 5 Months

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My first 1000$ in 5 Months

Hi All,


I am very happy to share with you my first Milestone which is achieving my first 1000$ from Udemy marketplace in Just 5 Months. 

Waiting to hear from you if this is good or could be more better ? 

Plus till now i dont have a UFB course, How could i know if there is anything preventing me from being there ?

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Hi @Core&IMSLea492  This is awesome! Keep the hard work! Regarding the question about the status of your course not included in the Udemy Business Collection, please know that this handled by a specific team and usually when courses are added the instructors are notified via email. However, if your course has not been added, please know that our team has put together a guide on how to optimize your course for the Udemy Business collection that you can read here. We also have a quarterly updated list of topics our Content Strategy team is currently prioritizing. As well, keep maintaining a strong student experience and course rating, and keep on top of underserved topics in high demand with business learners. This is the best bet for maximizing your chances of inclusion.


Eliana Cerna

Udemy Community Moderator 



Thank You ElianaC for your reply and advice 

Many congratulations mate. This is a good post to see as a freshie Udemy. Best wishes ahead too.

Thank You, Glad to hear that this motivates you.

Congratulations on your first 1k! 


We're glad that you're sharing your journey with us and we wish you the best in your journey as an instructor!




Thank Ryan

That's lovely, Congrats!


Well done! It took me 8 months for my first $1000....


Thank You Richard, Great efforts 🙂

Congratulations on the milestone @Core&IMSLea492 ! Here's to continued success 🙂

Thank You Chrystie 😍

Congratulations on your first 1,000$ @Core&IMSLea492
and my best wishes to you for more success in your journey as an instructor.

Best Regards

Ahmed Jendoubi, Ph.D.

Thank You Ahmed, Best of Luck for you too

Bravo and thank you for sharing your success! What do you put these fabulous numbers down to? Keep teaching and keep learning!

Thanks Raquel 🙂

It can always be better ,don't give up ,your work is not done yet💪

Thank You


Thank You

Congratulations this is awesome. 

Impressive! And clearly based on hard work and popularity!!

Congratulations on your achievement, I do wish great success in your endeavors.

Best regards.

Ahmed Jendoubi, Ph.D.

Good for you dude - well done. And it doesn't matter if it's higher or lower than anyone else. You're competing with yourself and you'll get stronger so just keep knocking it out of the park.


Congrats, best of luck.



Maybe it's rude to ask, but I'm to get to $1000 for a month, how many enrollments did you need?


I've noticed that on average it's $4 a student so I’m guessing 250 enrollments.


Also I'm having quite a hard time getting reviews. When students do review my course it's usually quite good (on rare occasions someone is not pleased).


Anyways hope you continue to have many enrollments and success.


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