New to Udemy, Unsure if its right decision.

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New to Udemy, Unsure if its right decision.

Hey, instructors out there! 


I joined Udemy after month's persuasion from my peers. They have been constantly advised me to share my knowledge of character illustrations with the world out there, and Udemy was the right place to do it. After weeks of pondering, I decided to give it a shot. I'm not sure if this is the right decision. I am not unsure of the benefits of becoming an instructor at Udemy. Can someone help me here? What really made you guys join Udemy?


Your stories might help me take the first step. 

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Hey, welcome.


I can say that for me personally, Udemy changed my life. I only started it as an experiment to see if I could make some extra cash on the side, but today it's my main source of income and allows me to be self-employed. And I've touched the lives of over 300,000 students around the world.


If you're unsure about whether Udemy is the right place for you, I'd do some introspection about your goals. If you simply want to share your knowledge with the world, publishing a free course on Udemy will reach a large audience - but frankly, so would publishing some videos on YouTube. You can do both.


If you're trying to make money, then it pays to do some research before investing time in this. When you finish setting up your instructor account, you'll find an Insights tool in your instructor dashboard that allows you to explore the existing demand for the topic you want to teach, and what courses already exist in that topic. I don't know what the landscape is for character illustration courses, but the Insights tool will tell you. If it says that there is a high demand for these courses on Udemy, and there are few existing courses available and you can produce a better one, then I'd say it would be time well spent for you. If however demand is low and there is already a large number of popular, well-reviewed courses on the marketplace that you'd have to compete with, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.


So, do your research - if it looks promising, I'll be happy to provide further encouragement!

@Deva683 hi u can also search for popular published instructors n see how far they hv come. I read about Phil Webinar n I was motivated. Check how many courses he published n how many students he has got.


Phil Ebiner not Webinar 

Hi Deva

Welcome on board at Udemy.

Just a short note to encourage you for joining Udemy.

Myself I consider as being new here although I already one course online and am in the final preparation of my second course.

For me it has been a great experience here to share what I know and life experiece to my students.

It is hard work i ndeed, but the satisfaction result for me is more important of any income that comes by.

So be encouraged,... what is important to be honest and truthful in whatever you plan to teach,

Take care and be safe.



I have found that learners who enroll on Udemy courses are dedicated to learning which is why they make the decision to pay for good quality courses. This in itself gives you a sense of fulfillment that you are helping and encouraging people who are taking their learning journeys seriously, or at least seriously enough to invest in it.


I first joined Udemy while still teaching in college. I used Udemy to host a course on creating sprite based artwork. My initial intention was just something to share with my students who were often struggling with the artwork. The course was being offered for free and I enjoyed making it.


My students enjoyed it too and I found it a great way to teach in a slightly different way.


Then when I continued to develop courses I realised I enjoyed making these videos more than teaching in front of classes. It's a lot less stressful and you set the learning objectives not an external qualification provider - so this means you can tailor your course to what you think the learner will enjoy the most.


I have always been dedicated to helping others to learn, which is why I do this. Getting good reviews and feedback from the learners makes this all worthwhile, as you know you are making a difference in their lives.


You can of course make a good profit from Udemy, or you can offer only free courses - your choice. You can of course make courses for Udemy, youtube and other providers, perhaps each with a different objective.


Imagine that you had quick tips videos on Youtube and then promoted your more in depth course on Udemy that teaches you everything from beginner to Pro. The students who really want to learn would enjoy taking your advanced course.

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