Reached $280 - Goal for 2022 is $10k

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Reached $280 - Goal for 2022 is $10k

Hello Beloved Community;

I am exited to announce that I reached to $280 in less than 3 months. This is just an start, its not a big number but as an teacher it means a lot. ( In start due to cameras consciousness I received a lot of negative rating but then i updated the whole courses ). I am very happy to be a part of this community and to help the people globally by sharing my knowledge in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Thank you so much @UDEMY for providing us a biggest platform of the world. 


Your suggestions, that  include some more help to reach my 2022 goal ( $10k )will be highly appreciated.Screenshot (24).png


-Basit Khan


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Community Moderator

Congratulations @BasitKhan-FiverrTopRated2021 keep it up!

Congrats @BasitKhan-FiverrTopRated2021. This is  great start. I barely made $100 in my first three months, so hats off to you. 

I think you are already on a good track, by taking the negative feedback and rebuilding your image. That effort has clearly rewarded you so far and that is what growth mostly entails, continuous effort and improvement. 


Marketing will be your best friend for growth. Building a community and maybe a YouTube Channel or a blog, etc. This will increase your presence, give more credence to your proposed expertise and give you a platform to promote the course to persons who probably wouldn't stumble on your course otherwise. 


You also want to maintain your momentum and continue producing courses that cover other topics and go in-depth in sub topics that couldn't be in the main course. 

Hi Basit, congratulation!

Does it mean you get roughly 4$ per course sold? It seems really low, 10k$ you would be 2500 student right?


My field is fast growing space ( Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ) . I will upload around 12 curses in next 2 months and 2500 students would be an easy setup Inshallah 


Hope for the best 

Hey buddy.


This is interesting.


How did you get those sales?


Did you just publish it in Udemy, or did you do your own promotion?


Do you know what position ranking you have for your Keyword in Udemy´s search results?

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Community Champion

Hello. Excuse me. First of all, Congratulations! But 12 courses in just 2 months? Unless these courses are almost ready to be published, it seems like you want to publish as many courses as you can in a short amount of time no matter  what. I hope this is not the case. 

Hi ;

I don't do promotion as such. Its because only of Udemy promotional schedules. 


Congratulations dear

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