Rookies of the Month - June 2019

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Rookies of the Month - June 2019

Hey everyone! Every month, new people join Udemy and publish their first course. We want to take some time and celebrate this milestone (the first of many!).


Here are some of our newly published instructors who have really hit the ground running:


An Advanced Guide to Social Media Management by Jessica Anderson

Create Virtual Reality Apps using React VR & React 360 by A to Z Mentor

Excel - Beginner to Advanced in 4 Hours by Adrian Pumariega

How to Paint Pink Roses with Watercolor by Anters Studio

JavaScript & LeetCode | The Ultimate Interview Bootcamp by @thisisalecwu

Modern Deliverability for Cold Email by Jack Reamer

NestJS Zero to Hero - Modern TypeScript Back-end Development by @ArielWeinberger

Next Level Conversation: Drastically Improve Conversations. by Steve Anthony

UIPath RPA Tutorial - Zero To Advanced RPA UIPath Developer by @Shahansha

Walking Bass Workshop by Steven Mooney


A huge congratulations everyone who published their first course! 

Remember, pushing “publish” is the starting line, not the finish line. Check out Published Instructor Club, our exclusive community for published instructors, to learn how to market, manage, and update your course from your fellow instructors.

6 Replies

Hi JocelynH,


Honored to be in the fine company of Udemy Rookies of the Month. Thanks to all for the support in getting my first course published and featured.

Many Thanks 




We're honored to have you @StevenM2019! Congrats on publishing your first course, and we look forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeves!

I second what Steven says--it's an honor to be featured as a rookie of the month for June! Looking forward to creating more content!

Thanks for joining our online community @adrianp, and congrats on the feature! Do you have new course ideas in mind / in the works already?

Absolutely--I'm currently working on a follow-up course: "Excel - Advanced to Expert". Once that is complete, I am going to work on some more niche Excel Topics, such as Solver, Financial Models, etc.

Awesome!! Good luck with your courses!

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