Share your September Goals

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Share your September Goals

Hello Instructors!


It’s time to put down your Pumpkin Spice Lattes and share your September goals!


We’ve got 4 months left in the year, so let’s make them count! No matter how big or small, what is your goal for the month of September?

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Goal for September is to do 3x enrollments of August, lets go!

That's the spirit! Let's go! 😎



Have my newest course make more than the 4 older ones combined by end of the month- lofty goal but trying my hardest. 

Alicia Paz M.A, QMHP

I am planning to create 2 new courses in September. 🙂

That's awesome! What are they going to be about?

My plan is to bring a 25 hours course and 2  short courses live this month ! Best wishes to all the other Instructors on the forum !

September is my start to the November run in, create a couple

morre researched courses and update and polish everything else. 

August was a great month and I am enjoying planning for q4

My goal is to release a new course this month and also update some of my existing courses with new content. 

Thankyou for asking this every month @Bella. It keeps me motivated to work on my courses when I respond to your post. The last time I responded to this post (June I guess), I ended up finishing my course & also publishing it. (albeit a little late) 

Amazing, Manish! I'm happy to hear that these posts help keep you motivated. 

Keep going, you got this! 💪

My goal is to encourage my current students to complete the course and kickstart the new semester with high-quality applicable skills.

Finish editing the second section of the new course that I'm making!

Love this! 

sharing goals is such a great way to keep each other accountable and motivated. 

I'm new to this platform and just "launched" my first course today!

I already have 2 students and I hope to have at least 5 more in september. 

Thanks for sharing everyone. 

Have a great month! 

Congratulations on publishing your first course and for gaining your first students, Vickie! I can see you already accomplished your initial goal - well done! You should be proud of yourself because we are!  🙌 


Thank you so much!!!! 

Thank you for nice subject!

My goal is complete to create planning paper of the next course.
I wish going to release it in this year.
Good luck to all of us.

Good luck, @Masashi_Tsuru, you can do this! 



Thank you! May the Force be with us🚀

Hey!  What a great question.  Ok, I just launched my very first course Sept 6, "Getting Started with Concurrency in Go (Golang)".  I'm pretty happy with my enrollments, ratings, reviews, and engagement. I've also received some great feedback from students on what they'd like me to add or change.  My goal for September is to complete my response to this first round of feedback and relaunch the course with all the new features.  Since I started with ZERO audience, I look at this course as my beta test course - I want to perfect the formula before moving on to my next course in October sometime.  Good luck to all!

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