Start the new year with new goals for 2023!

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Start the new year with new goals for 2023!

Hey there!


It’s the new year and we want to start 2023 strong with our new theme, New Year New Goals. We want to make sure that you are set up for success and create the perfect goals for you to crush in 2023! 


So if you are looking to create and achieve your goals for 2023, stay tuned for the content to come!


To kick things off, we’d love to hear from you.

What are some of the goals you have set for yourself in the past and have you achieved them?


Share your comments below 👇.

6 Replies

My main goal was to actually publish a course and that I did.


Also so far the course is successful in the sense that I get positive feedback from students.


I published a second free course and in my opinion that was some what of a failure.


The students that signed up do not watch the lectures.


I converted the course to paid and added a little more content.


The problem is my first course overshadows the second.


Both of the courses cover the same topic but the second shorter course is a "crash course".


It seems like students prefer longer courses.


All in all it has been a good experience so far.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @RonErez, thank you for sharing your experience on Udemy in 2022. It's great to hear you've been receiving positive feedback, learning more about your students, and updating your course. Getting to experiment and try new things in your course will help you improve your marketing strategies and solidify your goals for this year. Good luck with everything you set your sights on this year!

My goal in 2022 regarding Udemy was to get my second course ready for submission.

I am almost there.  If everything goes according to plan it will be available in Feb 2023.

Very excited about this course since my methods changed a lot from the time I loaded my first course.

Trust that the 2nd one will be a hit!!

Hello myself is Dr hina khan.. My course is approved from udemy but not a single student enroll in it ..So kindly guide me how to make my course visible to public and increase sales revenues 

Hi Dr. Hina Khan,


I can share what I did :

1. After publishing my course I went to Facebook and searched for Udemy coupons groups and also I searched for groups about my course topic (iOS programming and SwiftUI).


I made coupons for $9.99 and $12.99 and I gave nothing away for free.


Slowly slowly students joined. I believe I published my course in mid September.


Black Friday in November helped a lot.


I still post coupons on Facebook groups from time to time.


2. Here is a little constructive criticism. I looked at your course titled "Learn Early Childhood Care Education". The topic looks very interesting and you seem to be very professional. However the introduction video is much too long in my opinion. (It is 3.5 minutes and I think it should be only one minute).


Also it is very hard to understand what you're saying and it is also hard to read the slides.


Unfortunately people lose patience very quickly. I think you need to do something about the audio and the editing software.


Also I believe students might want to see you in the introduction video. In general during my course I never show myself except in the introductory video.


Finally I looked at the preview on brain development. It looks very interesting. The problem is you are reading from slides for 10:30 minutes (I only watched the first 40 seconds so maybe it changes).


I don't believe anyone wants to watch a slide for ten minutes.


Perhaps present examples from daily life. Also maybe use interesting images involving brains, children, mothers.


For example if you google the sites pexels or pixabay you can find free images to use for your course and I'm pretty sure you can find free videos.


Here are some examples I searched for : 


You are a professional in your field so you could probably make a better search than I can.


That way you can make your course more interesting.


The bottom line is that it looks like you are a real professional and that you know what you are talking about and you have valuable information to share. The problem (in my opinion) is that it is hard to understand and a little too intense to watch a slide for ten minutes.


Also Udemy has the possibility to add assignments and video assignments and quizzes.


Perhaps you could add that to make the course more interesting. Maybe describe interesting scenarios and ask the students how they would deal with these scenarios based on the course you are teaching.


Finally the requirements are unclear: It says "No experience needed but student with intermediate or graduate level can apply."


What does that mean? So that means it's for beginners. What is the meaning of intermediate then? I understand graduate. Does that mean graduate studies? In what field? Education? Child development ?


By the way the course description is very nice, but it is one very long paragraph. Perhaps you could split it into two or three easier to digest paragraphs.


That's it. Please don't take offense. I'm just sharing my opinion.


Good luck with your course and I really do suggest that you redo the introductory video and maybe even ask some friends what they think (Initially I had many of my friends watch my videos and also my brother and family and they all gave me very good feedback).


You could also sign up for free courses that Udemy offers about course creation. I did this and it helped. Note that I am referring to courses by Udemy. Any course that says "unofficial" is not by Udemy. That does not mean the course is bad, it just means it is not by Udemy. I think the Udemy courses on course creation are excellent.


Good luck



Hello Ron Erez I appreciate your helpful words, I will work on it and course description is about 200 words.. udemy review process is not accepting less than 200 description

And thanks for guiding me the slides audio process I will work on it..

I am planning practical content for this course and I will publish as another course and bcz Early childhood care education is vast topic and deep information topic..

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