This is demoralizing

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This is demoralizing

I have been here a full year by now.  

At this stage, I am convinced that this platform is not for me.  How do I delete my courses and take my toys home?


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@drewprof  Year 1 is usually bad if you are in a competitive category which you are. Even the instructors who have crossed $1 Million will tell you that. Year 2 is still bad but not as bad. Many instructors reached traction in year 3 or 4.

No meu caso no primeiro mês já fiz U$ 1700 , .. até a UDEMY começar a mudar tudo.

Great, that's amazing 

Resultados em 12 meses ........ primeiro mês 19 mil visitas a pagina do Curso ...... depois a UDEMY parou de investir em divulgação, PAROU DE DIVULGAR O MEU CURSO.



Não precisa nem ser um gênio para achar o erro, BASTA AVALIZAR OS GRÁFICOS.erro.png

@drewprof what platforms did work better for you?

How are they different in format from Udemy?

Thank you, Lawrence, for the only sensible comment in this thread.


It would be one thing if a brand-new instructor was complaining about not becoming a millionaire after a few weeks and one course. But it seems that drewprof gave Udemy a real shot with several courses, and came to the conclusion that this wasn't working out and wasn't worth his time. I don't think we should try to convince him (or anyone else) to stay, as if this were some cult-ish club. Instead, I think we should respect him for trying, and wish him the best and hope things work out better on other platforms.


@drewprof: I'm sorry to hear it hasn't worked out for you here at Udemy. My advice is not to unpublish your courses -- even if they're not earning a lot, it's still more than 0, and doesn't require much work from you except keeping up with the Q&A.

" não deu certo  " é um termo que não tenho como aceitar, são 7000 Mil alunos em 12 meses             ................... O QUE NÃO DEU CERTO FORAM AS MUDANÇAS DA PLATAFORMA, minha parte eu fiz, 7000 alunos, e o melhor curso avaliado na plataforma no segmento de eletrônica.


@MikeXCohen that is what I am doing.  All new material will be published elsewhere. What's on this platform will remain and I will answer questions to help students. 


Im not sure if I agree with that but I do agree with the choice of leaving if you cannot find a way to be happy with the bussiness you have to leave it! 

This would be the best decision! 

Giving up and failure build you up to success you will never be successful without failing! 

Do you know what Walt Disney said! He says to pursue your dreams even when the dont work out try again! 

Dont give up read some of Walt Disney's Sayings he had faced so many business challenges he almost went bankrupt but his dream made and he made a hit on the  Snowhite movie and opened Walt Disney world! Disney is a group of dreamers and they are a huge company so I would say you should pursue your dreams even when things are down because who knows you might never know things might just turn up!!! 


Udemy is not the center of the world for course delivery.  I am in other places and the performance there isn't an issue.  So, giving up here will simply mean that I don't need to add new courses on this platform, trust me, I will not be missed.  All of my new content will not be shared here, and I have a lot of it it.  It just a matter of audience; in my opinion, Udemy has steered its ship towards people who want free stuff or real cheap deals no matter what the content.  It's not for me. 

Well thats good to hear and I agree with you! This is a great decision if you are on other platforms! 

I am not sure if you can take your courses though? 

I guess thats the issue now or if you want to leave them I think you can deactivate them and the students enrolled will still be able to work in the course and no more students can sign up! 

I know you can delete your profile! 

If you hit your profile picture in the top right corner you will get a fall down menu and than you click My profile than hit my settings beneath your picture than to the right of your "Username" tab the third tab is close your account hit that and your account is deleted and you can never log in again if you want to ever join Udemy again you would have to re-register. 


No need to do anything drastic, I just stopped contributing.  There is no need on my end to add value to this platform, maybe my stuff is useless after all... Let it be!


Your stuff is great I was watching the previews of your course and I was quite interested! 

I like your screen cast how did you do that I was thinking of just recording my screen share through zoom but that is usually glitchy! 

Also dont end your account keep it just dont be so active on Udemy! 

@NickolasInd234 thank you, I know that my actual students get a lot of value from my teaching.  Some in here on Udemy were engaging and completed their exercises for my  TIMELY feedback, but those were a few compared to what I get on other platforms, including my own.

I just don't see why I should invest my time here.  I would rather do so where it works.

The screen casts were done using QuickTime Player.  Nothing fancy!



" Udemy has steered its ship towards people who want free stuff "


This doesn't even make any sense. How does Udemy benefit when courses are free?

I agree with you! 

@RandyMinder @NickolasInd234 


What do the enrollment numbers say? Enrollment in Free courses versus paid courses.

It's a numbers game.  The more people sign up, the better the odds of getting students to pay for something.  Cumulatively it will work for Udemy but not for instructor offering free stuff to entice students towards his/her own paid material.  How do I know? it's June 15 and I have two students that signed up for my courses at deep discounted prices.  If I open up the flood gate by putting one of my courses for free, I will be getting 100s of students a month.  I have tried this scenario, I am not making stuff up.

This proves that your course isint useless! 

It seems students just arent willing to pay. . . I guess. . . 

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