This is demoralizing

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This is demoralizing

I have been here a full year by now.  

At this stage, I am convinced that this platform is not for me.  How do I delete my courses and take my toys home?


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@NickolasInd234  now you're getting it!

Amigo neste caso a falha não é nossa, é da plataforma, EU CRIEI O MELHOR CURSO PARA O SEGMENTO SEGUNDO a própria plataforma, que fez sucesso em 30 dias.... atingindo U$ 1700 de faturamento, em 30 dias ..... Tudo de errado feito depois não foi culpa minha.

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Provavelmente por vc já ter uma audiência

@drewprof what platform do you think is better than Udemy?

So far, Skill Share and my own website have done well.  On the latter, I do all of the marketing, hosting, configuration, administration and cost of bandwidth use.  I was hoping that Udemy lived up to the hype when I first looked at various platforms based on youtube postings on the subject.  It didn't, at least not for my type of courses.  It's probably okay for arts and crafts maybe.

@drewprof  A friend used to say, "Any day you stop learning, you start dying.".

If I were you, I would try to see how I could adjust my course concept to match up with the Udemy kind of system.
Good for you that your present package suites some other platforms, and I won't be surprised to hear that you actually used one or two of those platforms framework to cook your course, just speculating anyway😊.
To me, besides money, I have joy in meeting good people, especially people of like minds, people that we can share ideas.
You can not find it easy to believe if I tell you the number of future partners I have been fortunate to make via this platform, some we have even met in person, from just instructor to students, to a kind of intimate friendship, and to working together. According to an holy book, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.".
I am not saying stay or leave, but I will advise you to see how you can take advantage of every opportunity you have presented to you. Live is too short to waste any chance.
Since you are doing good ever there, 👍 try to see how you can beat the highest rated or best seller tagged course in your category, and move on, man. See how you can fashion it to suite Udemy students' taste.
You should be happy you could reach out to people from virtually all over the world with your knowledge, no matter where they are. I see it as a grace to have a knowledge of value that people need to appreciate life more with. Keep teaching, man, with good measure, it will come back to you in multiple folds.


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