WEBINAR REPLAY: 5 Things Every Instructor Should Do After Publishing

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WEBINAR REPLAY: 5 Things Every Instructor Should Do After Publishing

Hello Instructor Community!


Today we are happy to bring you the replay of last week's webinar with @MarkLassoff & @DiogoAlvesd487 . In this hour-long session, our panel discussed their top post-publishing tips and took questions from the audience.



Here are a few more marketing resources for you to check out:

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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Hi everyone, 


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As promised, here is the recording of our recent webinar - we hope you like it! Check it out and please let us know what you think of it in the comments! 😊

Thank you for tagging me, Bella. I will go over the recording soon.

Thank you @Bella !

Thanks, @Bella !

This was way too much fun!  If anyone has questions-- please reply here and be sure to tag me.  I'll be happy to answer as many questions as best I can!

Mark Lassoff

Thank you @MarkLassoff and @DiogoAlvesd487 for the amazing webinar! 👏

I had a lot of fun! If there are any questions, please let me know!

Awesome webinar, thank you!

@MarkLassoff Is it detrimental to my success if I have students who don't go through the course after enrolling?

Hi Carole-- Think of it this way.  If you're Udemy and you want to put people in the right course with the right instructor- would you choose the course with lots of engagement or the one with less engagement.


That's the keyword-- engagement.  If your course has high engagement and people get what you promised out of the experience that is better on many, many levels than having unenthusiastic enrollments.

Mark Lassoff

Thanks, ChrystieV and Bella, for all your help.

It's fine to say 'if people get what they want out of the experience' but often what they want is not what they REALLY get ...let me explain. I am deliberately keeping this vague so no-one takes offence:


Two courses:


Course A - 45 minutes

Course B - 2 Instructors, 10 workbooks and 64 hours.


Course A is the Best Seller because in 45 minutes students get their completion certificate and also feel they have 'dome something.


OK another example:


Course A : 1 hour and you become a 'qualified XYZ'

Course B: 86 hours - same topic - and with transparent honesty, the Instructor says repeatedly that this will NOT make you a 'qualified XYZ'.


Course A sells well - for the obvious reason.


It's difficult to know what to do EXCEPT 'if you can't beat 'em...' and produce much much shorter courses (less VFM) promise something that is not widely true ...and keep 'em happy.



A couple of responses here...


Actually, my experience is that longer courses sell better because course participants often "buy by the pound."   They see a long course and say, "Wow!  50 hours of training for $12!  What a bargain." 


The 5-hour course on the subject may be a better educational experience.


That having been said-- people are looking for different things out of a course.  Many people are looking for transition...  "Become an Expert on X in just 4 hours!"  No one wants to take a course, but they want the result the course delivers, so, transitions are appealing.


But that's not everyone.


Some are looking for performance support. (You'd see this a lot in UFB).  They want a reference to turn to when they get stuck.  "How do I do this in Excel?"


The best advice is to make the best course you can, to address the range of needs that Udemy members have.  If you do this, offer high quality, and differentiate yourself, with some marketing you will find your audience.  


I don't pay a lot of attention to what others do.  I know who my audience is.


Who is yours?



Mark Lassoff

Thank you


Thank you so much for tagging me!

appreciate that @ChrystieV 

Thank you

Interesting I was reading yesterday about reviews and their importance (see above). Today I received - unsolicited - two messages (Messenger and whatsapp plus one video call, not answered) from people offering me 1,000 reviews:


Hello. I am here to help you get thousands of reviews and I can help you get thousands of active students and I will use the reviews to rank your course to the first page or I can help you promote your course to 100K active students' 


The second message was a similar text.


I don't really trust reviews. There's a 30 day money back guarantee (subject to conditions) so that should be good enough! Having said that I looked at one of my best selling courses just now. Of the last 100 students who enrolled over the past 2-3 weeks:

85 had yet to start

14 had done 5% or less of the course

1 did the entire 80 hour course in... a day



Lame.  Don't mess with fake reviews.  They are easily spotted and the penalties I've seen have been significant.


Mark Lassoff

I would never buy reviews or even ask as a favour for bulk...open yourself to getting banned and also blackmailed. BUT it is also easy for them to put up fake reviews that are 1 star. For example, I had a long 1 star review that heavily criticised my very poor Powerpoint slides. In vain did I protest that I never use powerpoint!

Many thanks for your attention....It was really a great webinar!!!

Thank you for the video, good stuff!

Valuable content, thank you.

Good to know and helpful information. Thank you @ChrystieV 


Thank you so much for tagging me 🙂

appreciate that @ChrystieV 


nice webinar

Wow! This was so informative and I loved hearing the different opinions/reasons, thank you! Related to coupons, is it possible to see which student used which coupon? For instance, I have 2 coupons that are $10 each that I market to different platforms, but I want to track who came from where. Can an instructor see this? Also, I learned that coupons turn into referral links upon expiration. Where can I find my referral links page? Thank you for your help!

Thanks for aranging it and for sharing the video recording. Just the perfect timing! Will surely watch it! 


Thanks again. Dillyara

Uggh, I wish I had seen this before I made the ignorant and foolish mistake of posting my free coupon code to Udemy Free Coupon Code groups on Facebook.  It was exciting for my daughter and I to watch people register from all over the world on the map, but you are absolutely right, VERY few have done anything at all in the course!  This was my FREE course that I thought might help drive traffic to my main course on a simliar topic.  At least I didn't post a FREE coupon code for my pay course, thank God.  So  I wonder if my FREE course is doomed forever?   I'm going to go remove that posting from the facebook groups I posted to, even if it is really too late, damage already done.  


Thanks for the information here.  It helps, but the marketing side of all this is overwhelming. Not sure I want to take the time to be a youtuber and my social media presense is small with most not being "technical" or into my subject matter like I am, but my first course is still selling a little, simply from Udemy's marketing.  I'm happy, not looking to make this a career I guess, but will work at it to improve.  - thanks again.

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