Webinar Replay: Social Media - Ask Me Anything with Molly Hampton

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Webinar Replay: Social Media - Ask Me Anything with Molly Hampton

Hello Instructor Community!


Thank you to those who joined us during Wednesday’s Social Media AMA with Udemy’s Global Manager of Social Media, Molly Hampton! We hope you were able to implement some of her tips into your own social media strategy.


For those of you who missed it, don’t worry! We’ve got the replay of the one-hour webinar below.



Here is a list of the questions that were asked during the webinar:


1:03 - Which social media channels are still the most popular for larger audiences?


2:24 - How can I use LinkedIn to promote my courses?


5:21 - Do you have any techniques, resources, or tips to make shorts, reels, or viral videos?


8:24 - What’s the best way to convert a person watching a reel into a buyer?


10:32 - How can I use social media to nurture my students to return and purchase my courses?


13:30 - How is it possible to partner with Udemy on Social Media?


14:55 - Should you post the same content on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, or mix it up and do different content on different platforms?


16:08 - Do people sell directly on LinkedIn or would that stand out as a bad practice on that platform?


17:07 - Should I use my own personal Facebook page to promote my course or should I create an entirely new page for my Udemy courses?


18:24 - Does YouTube work to promote courses and do you have any tips?


20:08 - Is the hub & spoke video strategy effective on Instagram or LinkedIn?


21:48 - Should you put links in your Facebook posts?


23:30 - Can you use Twitter to promote Udemy courses?


25:20 - Is there specific LinkedIn training that you would recommend?


26:30 - What is the best way to promote your Udemy courses? 1) Direct Sales, 2)Email list? 3) Social Media


28:27 - Any best practices to get your students to follow you on social media?


29:41 - What SAAS tools do you use as a social media manager?


30:57 - How do you find social media followers if you have a very niche course topic?


32:26 - Is it a good idea to outsource your social media posts?


34:06 - Why are TikTok & Instagram your favorite platform?


35:15  - What’s the best way to use Instagram to promote my Udemy courses?


36:11  - Any suggestions for combining SEO with Social Media Marketing?


38:40 - How much budget should we allocate for paid social?


40:13 - Is there a specific platform that works best for paid social ads?



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Thank you for putting the Webinar on "Social Media: Ask me Anything with Molly Hampton". It was a great 1 hour of asking questions. I clicked on the link for the Survey and it didn't open. Is it possible to send the Survey link by email? 




Nina Nwaobilo

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