What are you working on this month? Share your goals!

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What are you working on this month? Share your goals!

Happy Wednesday! Can you believe it's already May? 2019 is flying by. 


What are you working on this month?


Share your top goals, and we'll follow up at the end of the month to see who successfully hit their goal Smiley Very Happy

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Hi, Thanks! I wanna add 2 new courses for C# and Asp.net.

Awesome! Hope your courses do well @csking1981 🙂



Thanks for asking:


  1. Finishing up porting my courses to other training platforms.
  2. Then I think I'm going to edit all my course textual material and redo old promtional videos.

So much to do!!!



Wow! That's a lot @Anonymous! Do you plan on updating all your old promo videos?



I'd like to update the majority of my old promo videos.  I think updating the text on all my CLPs would be faster and more productive.  As with everything, my initial plans start grand and become greatly slimmed down as the work proceeds ;-).



Still impressive! Hope your conversion rates and revenue increase with those updates 🙂

As life and love would have it @JocelynH I have just uploaded my updated first course, 9 hours of pure love poured into it. Plus by helping a new instructor @Artesany  who reached out (I responded to a survey they had for their course which I was enrolled in) we are doing a course together which I believe is going to be wild! It is happening with grace and ease so it is meant to be

Sharon Ramel
Spiritual Guide, Shaman, Priestess of the Blue Rose

Incredible @SharonRamel! Congrats on getting that done!


You can tag folks from the international communities too 😄 It's all linked on the same platform.

Hey @JocelynH 


Don't you just love the start of the month 🙂


I've just finished recording one course and now going into editing, hopefully that will be up by the end of next week and then I've got the next one already prep'd to get start recording for release in June!

Plus, of course, we have got the big May sale this month so there will be much refreshing of the app when that gets going!!


Exciting times as always!!

Yes! If only because I can change the page on my corgi calendar and see a new corgi photo Smiley Very Happy


Congrats on finishing up recording on your course @GrahamNicholls! How long did that take? Hope you're able to get it published this month! 

This was only a short course for me @JocelynH so it took 4 days to record and the editing should take 3-4 days so it will be out soon.


I'm finishing up a new niche course on how to use Canon DSLR cameras. It's one of those courses that doesn't have the largest audience, but is an important skillset for some of my other students.

Excited to see how it does!

That's exciting @PhilEbiner! Hope your course does well!

Out of curiosity, did you decided to do Canon DSLR (instead of say Nikon or a mirrorless camera) because it's the most requested from your current students?

Hi Phil, Hope your are safe!!! we are getting some challenges to get course certificate download as I have complete one of photography course but unable to find any option to get course certificate on Udemy, please help. Many thanks 🌹



I am working hard to finish my course on Web Development. I need to finish it this month because next month is WWDC and it will be a crazy month. Also next month I am visiting Portland, OR for a mini vacation and hiking trip 🙂 


Good luck @azamsharp! Hope you're able to finish your course this month 🙂

working a new "Logo Design Mastery" class. Just finished the theory lessons and moving on to film the software lessons next week. Whew, going to be a big class, but worth the effort, I hope. Trying to produce a lot of downloadable resources with this one, in hopes to attract more students who like pdfs, jpegs and extra stuff. The extra resources I am creating are making great instagram posts to tease the new class. 

That sounds like a big one! You got this!


Love the idea of using the extra resources as Instagram posts. That's a great way to hook new students.

Hey @JocelynH


- I'm working on my new education related with Mobile Application Testing. I am planning to finish the writing part in May.

- I just ordered new studio kit. I hope I'll get more familiar with the camera soon :). I still look so nervous and shocked on videos. (Any recommendations?)


Next month I'll be travelling to India for a conferance and I'm hoping to meet some of my students there. Maybe I can publish a group selfie.


Have a great day and month guys!

Hey @OzanIlhan, super exciting! Love that you're already working on your next course 🙂


We have some really great posts about A/V. I'd recommend searching for something like 'video' or 'camera' in our search bar! You can also look at our A/V Solutions forum for tips & tricks.


Have fun at the conference! Hope you get to meet your students there.

It's the last day of the month! How did you do? Did you accomplish your goals for May?

I would like to share videos related to

Communication skills, Environmental science, through stories and questions to test students' comprehension, application skills, grammar etc

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Stories and inspiration
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