What are your goals for September?

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What are your goals for September?

Happy September! The start of a new month is a great time to think and plan. What do you hope to achieve in September?


Share here and we’ll follow up at the end of the month to see how you did!

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Storyteller Storyteller

Well, simple plan: finalising my first Udemy course and getting started with the next in line. I just hope to have nailed the subjects... for Italian, there are no data at all on marketplace insights... I wish Udemy would make at least the student search keywords available for Italian.

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Good luck with your first course! Super exciting that you're almost ready to publish Smiley Happy

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Community Champion

We are finishing up two courses before the end of the month! And then of course, we are also counting the days until Udemy Live! Cannot wait to see everyone.

*Brains behind Jason Dion*

Woot woot! Can't wait for Udemy LIVE Smiley Very Happy 


Hope your next 2 courses are successful!

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Community Champion

Uhhh ... Get 60% done with 1 huge course

Start looking for VA #2.

Fiddle with another course when/if I have time

(hope to get both out before BF, but definitely need 1 out). 


(also snorkel, hike, bbq and stuff)



Thor Pedersen - IT , Project Management, and Cyber Security trainer

You got this! Sounds like you're on track to get that course out before BF. Do you have a target publish date?


Exciting that you're looking for another VA! Snorkeling, hiking, and all that also sound incredible.

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Community Champion

Hey @JocelynH 


Well September is looking like a busy month (aren’t the all). I start recording a new course next Monday so I’m currently putting the final prep work into that. The aim is to have that out by the end of the month!


Im also working on a joint project with another instructor so we’ll be getting into recording that as well so it can be released in October.


Im in the process of getting my first ever VA on board, fortunately it’s someone I know and trust so it’s just the basic details to go through.


After all that is done I’ll be looking at what I can update to get things rolling towards November and BF!!


Have an awesome month everyone!!

Too right! Every month ends up rather busy. Good luck with your next course! What number is this one?


Super exciting that you're also working on a course with another instructor. Is this your first co-instructor course?


Great to hear you're getting a VA to help you out, AND it's someone you already know and trust. Win win!

I want to publish my first course this month. But I don't know which W form to fill in for Payoneer. I am UK based. Could you please advise?


Hey @Lizzy, unfortunately that's not something I can help with. Have you reached out to Payoneer's support team? It sounds like they might be the best equipped to help you out with that.


Good luck with your first course! So exciting!

I am looking to get another two courses out this month, one a collaberation with @LindaRauchM337 . I will be hoping to get through the $3k again this month and hopefully seeing the benefits of the new pricing model.


Finally and the real why, lots more emails from my students who totally love the platform and the courses that I provide, PRICELESS!!!

Awesome! What are you & Linda teaching?


Love that your students are loving Udemy and your courses!

To finish my second Udemy Course, and to start preparing my third (and larger course for Black Friday) course. 

Good luck on your next 2 courses! Hope they do well during the Black Friday sale Smiley Happy

Have completed 5 hours of my course. Will record the rest and publish it in september.

Good luck.


I hope you succeed with your goal.


Finish up my fourth course to be published on October!

Wow, @MahaAtef , I just took a look at your food drawing course, what an amazing talent you have. Good luck with your courses. 


I am so pleased to have set up my premium instructor account and get one of the practicalities done. Yay! Although I have 3 courses on the go, I think it's likely that only one will be ready to publish in September. So, my goal is to publish my first free course. It will be for people who have been identified as having dyslexia and want to learn more to understand and overcome their difficulties. When most people with dyslexia get identified, nobody explains what it means. I want my course to lift their anxiety and teach them the positive aspects about dyslexia. 

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Community Champion

Prepare a 🔥🔥🔥 killer-presentation 🔥🔥🔥 for UDEMY LIVE in Berlin 🎯




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