What is your #1 goal for the rest of the year?

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What is your #1 goal for the rest of the year?

Last week we asked you to share your proudest accomplishment from the first half of the year and it's clear many of you have had a busy 6 months! Some of you hit financial milestones, created new courses, and took the time to focus on your students. 


This week we want to know your #1 goal for the second half of the year?

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Simply put, double my paid monthly enrolments consistently from where it is now. 

Hey @HofmeyrdeVo128 , how are you going to achieve that?

Same as @HofmeyrdeVo128 , I also want to double my monthly enrolments.

Hey @DiogoAlvesd487 , how are you going to achieve that?

Here is my half-year 2 plan:
1) Launch 1 to 2 courses

2) Remake 1 to 2 courses

3) Revamp my Youtube game

#1 goal? How about staying healthy and enjoying the work we do?

Have a good day, y'all! 🙂

Karoly Nyisztor - Instructor | Author | Software Engineer

Right! I find it's a full-time effort just to keep my revenue from falling over time, and doing more than that is inviting burnout. (Not complaining; for me it's a good problem to have.) For those of us who are doing this for lifestyle reasons and not looking to grow some huge e-learning content company and sell it later, we need to balance life with course creation and maintenance.


My own goal is to finish up two more new courses this year, and then focus on marketing activities and keeping my existing courses up to date for the rest of the year. I've been working more than full time cranking out courses this first half of the year, and it's time to slow down a little.

Exactly my sentiments. It can be a full-time job just to keep everything going!

Karoly Nyisztor - Instructor | Author | Software Engineer

Thanks for sharing. And for me, balance has always been harder than being extreme. So I am interested more about your time management for this second half of 2022. You said you will now focus on marketing and maintenance—I wonder how do you go about this? On a weekly basis, what does marketing mean, does that mean YouTube videos? Your Facebook Group? And what does maintenance mean? Does that mean updating your existing courses once per month?

Maintenance is generally on an as-needed basis with me; I teach technologies that are changing all the time, and every week there are one or two things I have to change in my courses as a result. Sometimes the software I teach undergoes a major revision and I have to re-record an entire course; I just finished a 2 month effort redoing my Elasticsearch course for example. Something like that happens once or twice a year. It's not something I can schedule or plan for; when changes like that drop, I have to get right on it or my ratings will plummet.


What I can schedule and plan for is the long list of ideas I've accrued over time for marketing and promotion. Whenever I get an idea (or more often, learn new ideas from other instructors here,) I write it down in my to-do list. And that's what I plan to spend most of Q3 and Q4 on. That includes things like polishing my own website, writing better and more frequent educational announcements, tweaking my promotional announcements, trying to find a way to make social media work, SEO optimization, and creating more promotional content on YouTube. 

Totally agree and excellent point! 👍


I transitioned to teaching online full-time this year, and I've made it a priority to focus on my health and fitness as much as work. It's easy to fall into the trap of work, work, work and let our health deteriorate, so we need to make a conscious effort to focus on it. I have lofty goals of creating 6-8 new courses this year, and update 4-6, but no longer working 10-12 hours a day, like I used to.

Enable more candidates with their skills in cloud, and also increase my earning 🙂

My goal in the second half of the year 2022:

1. Create at least two new courses (Now I have 5 courses)

2. Increase the enrolments to 50K (now it's 20k).

3. Maintain the good Instructor rating (now it's 4.6)

4. Mine is a long-term plan so I mainly focus on creating amazing content so that it will be added to the Udemy Business collection. 

1. Need to overhaul 2 courses in the next 2 months.  That is the first plan.

2. I have the plan ready for shooting 2 new courses, while a third course is in the chapter finalization phase, so 3 new courses before the Black Friday sale if things go smoothly.

3. In the last few days I got some bad reviews for a course that was giving a stellar performance, nothing changed in the course, but the ratings by students are changing. Need to investigate and do something about it.

My goal for the remainder of the year is:

To complete at least 5 of the courses which I am currently working on. 

Do more advertising.

Try to get more enrollments.

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