What is your top goal this April?

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What is your top goal this April?

Hey instructors! What are you focusing on this month? Is April your month to complete your course outline, film a new course, or amp up marketing?


Let us know what your top goal is for April and we'll check in throughout the month to motivate one another!

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my goal is to release 3 new course,,two big course and one short course....let's see if i can do this..

That's a lot in one month @Yazdani Chowdhury! We're cheering you on! Good luck Smiley Very Happy

yes i know,.already one course ready and rest of two need to complete.i am doing hard work,,whole night i do recording and day time for audio and video edit...

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I feel like such a slacker, but I'm going to try to produce only one course this month -- and now I only have 3 weeks left.  Ack!


You got this! 


I wanna add 2 new courses this month.


Good luck! What are your 2 courses on?

Thanks Community Manager!Smiley Very Happy

You know what , transfereing the +20 years of programming experiences is really hard and time consuming task to do.

My long term plan is to create complete collection of C# tutorials:

1- SQL in C#

2- Reporting in C#

3- ADO.Net in C#

4- Software protection in C#

5- Asp.Net in C#

6- Zip ffiles in C#

7- Excel in C#

and ...

But this month are:

Reporting in C# + SQL Server


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I've got a new course planned for this month, it's recorded and now I'm in editing mode 🙂


I'm also going to update a couple of courses and a couple of sales pages in preperation for the May Sale!


If I get through all of that I'm going to start recording the next one as well.

Woohoo! You're getting so close to publishing. Super exciting!

I am slooooowly working on my first course.

It's taking a bit of time as it involves video, audio and making practical activities/assignments.


I have plenty of ideas for more courses, though this one has to be done first.

That's really exciting @BrunoG! You got this 😄 

To lauch atleast 3-4 courses. 

Wow! That's a lot in one month! Good luck 😄 

Courses are ready. Just shooting videos. 

Hi @JocelynH 

I am not able to launch 4 courses. But one course is already hot and new. Second course is under review. And third course will be submitted for review in next three to four days. 

One must always set ambitious goals and work hard. 

That's amazing @Sijal_Ahmed! Great job!

- Finish my new course in time for launch first week in May

- Start scripting the course after that

- Keep growing YouTube subscribers and audience for my new podcast

Great goals, @Clare_Lynch! Hope you are able to publish your course on time 🙂 


What's your new podcast about? That sounds really exciting!

@JocelynH it's about writing. Each episode I interview a professional writer about their work and their writing life. So far, I've spoken to internationally renowned professors, top copywriters and published poets/novelists. It's called 'Coffee, tea or something stronger?'

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