What’s an underrated skill every instructor can benefit from?

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What’s an underrated skill every instructor can benefit from?

Hello Hello! 


This month we're diving deeper into the course creation process and exploring how you can help your students achieve their goals by teaching them new skills. But today, we want to focus on what skills you need as an instructor. 


In your opinion, what's an underrated skill every instructor can benefit from and why?


Share below! 🙂

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In my opinion (As a Teacher), here are the skills that Instructor should have:

1. Of course good teaching skill

2. Should have the patience to listen to student's question (Sometimes too many questions leads to headache but have the patience to solve them)

3. Respond to each and every student makes you a responsive teacher

4. Need to have good communication skills so that students can understand your teaching

These are the primary skills.

Secondary skills:

1. I think teachers need to have some leadership skills 

2. Video and audio editing skills to create online courses

3. Soft skills like body language, acting while face recording

There can be many more skills required but these are enough to be a good Instructor/Teacher.

The ability to sound energetic, while still speaking clearly and not too fast for foreign audiences. Still working on that one myself...


The ability to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has never learned what you're teaching, and find the best way you would have liked to be introduced to it.


Some skills I've had for so long that they seem so trivial to me, but they aren't to my students.



As an instructor, I feel the most important skills are making the learning experience simple, joyful and fulfilling mutually.



Passion and enthusiasm can be an underrated skillset. Being passionate about teaching and helping others to learn causes students to pay attention and take you more seriously as an instructor. Enthusiasm pushes students through the process they face when learning a new subject.🎯 There's more but ive got a course to compete😁 so I'll keep it short.. Intangibles 💪💪


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