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My course is about to be published and in preparation for this I have been warming up a test group for about a month in preparation for launch.

Can you confirm that using the Free: Open option, which says 'Creates a limited-time offer that allows up to 1000 students to enrol in your course for free.' Means I can bulk create coupons and send them out to my test group, who can redeem them within 5 days. They then have life-time free access to my course?

Has anyone tried this when launching?

My plan is to communicate with my test group through my email list initially, to get them to start using the course and hopefully give constructive feedback and even reviews. I see this as the quickest way to bring activity into a brand new course landing page.

Just wondered if I'm missing anything here?




  • Sparsha Hub
    Sparsha Hub Posts: 1

    Hi, it's a method to bring some audience to your course for free... you won't be paid or they won't be charged till 5days from the offer is over or you met 1000 participants for free. By doing so people can see so many participants have utilised your course later which brings you good revenue...

  • StuartKirby556

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. Much appreciated.