Revenue from UFB


Hello Community Members,

Wanted to know, what percentage of total course's earnings usually comes from UFB?

Any ballpark number requested.

Also, once the revenue gets calculated, after how many days it is transferred in paypal account?


  • AxelRittershaus

    Will be interesting to see the answers of other instructors, @MilanYadav
    , but there were a few posts around this in the past and I'd say 20 - 30% is the average number.

    I've got several courses on UfB myself and in my case it's between 20 and 40%, and rather increasing towards the 40% mark.

    The UfB revenue will be paid out together with your platform sales of the respective month. There is no separate payment.

    Does this answer your question?

  • MilanYadav
    MilanYadav Posts: 26

    Sure it does. Thanks