Can you upload videos from Youtube that you already created?


Hi Everyone,

Quick question, can you upload videos from Youtube that you already created?

I have already created videos and content for a marketing strategy course.

Can I just upload it onto Udemy or do I have to record them in this software?

Part two, the videos I have 7 videos recorded. I might have to break some of them up because one of them might be over 30 minutes.

Is the maximum time 30 minutes for one video?

I have a workbook that is included with the course, quizzes, and tests too.

And one handout.

Should I create a handout for each video or can I include the quiz there and the workbook?

I was wondering how to organize the handouts.

Thanks for your support.


  • SharonRamel
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    Hi @MarieMason321
    you can use your YouTube content however you cannot charge for it on Udemy as it is free on YT. Plus you need to opt out of Udemy For Business as the material is not exclusive to Udemy. I would definitely cut the videos down into small clips. Students love resources. There is a quiz area on Udemy for you to create them there. It really is up to you how many resources you create, I do not think there is a ideal.

  • Trulyajays

    Hi @SharonRamel
    If I opt out of the Udemy for Business option, is it for one course which I am planning to create content on my Youtube Channel or for all courses which I upload on Udemy.

    Give me clarity
    1. I am designing one course on Udemy let say A, Where A course has content from Youtube Channel.

    2. I am designing one more course on Udemy let say it as B, where it was not Youtube or any other online platform.

    In which of the Option has to opt-out from Udemy for Business.

  • SharonRamel
    SharonRamel Posts: 1,308 Community Champion rank

    how many courses do you currently have in Udemy for Business? Most instructors dream about their courses being selected.

    Please read the rules as set down by Udemy for clarification - I am not an expert in this area.

  • PhysicsPodiyan238


    Is it possible for us to add some of our videos that are already in YouTube and some more videos which doesn't exist in youtube together in our course and sell it for money? What I mean is, to sell our course for money, is it necessary that all the content we are uploading is not freely available in YouTube or can some of our content exist in YouTube for free by ourself?