One big course? or two small courses?


Hi everyone. This is my first time as an Udemy instructor and I'm planning to launch my first course about recipes of traditional food here in my country.

When creating the outline, I realized I could have a course about 20 recipes or even more. So this brought me to a dilemma:

Should I create a big course so students feel it's really comprehensive and complete (so they leave positive reviews)?

Or would it be better to try with maybe 10 recipes for my first course, and then the other ten?

If the second option is better, would it be better to update my first course, or to create a new one (kind of a sequel)?

Thank u very much!


  • RandyMinder

    Hi @DavidDiaz255
    - Welcome to Udemy! You are making a mistake if you think that a longer course will generate better reviews. It all depends on what you are offering and quality of content.

    Now, regarding your question. I created a course that was five hours in length. I could have made it eight hours. But, I purposely cut if off at five hours and called it Part 1. I then created a Part 2, which was three hours. It was a good decision. I've made almost 600 paid (not free) sales on the Part 1 course and 300 paid (not free) on Part 2. There is no way I could have made an additional 300 sales if I had made a single eight hour course. In fact, I'm sure I wouldn't have made any more additional sales. It was an experiment and it worked very well.

  • DavidDiaz255

    Thank you so much, Randy! I'll keep that in mind