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  • DavidV.

    Hi @ImranZakir72

    I want to extend a warm welcome to our community! We're thrilled to have you join us and become a part of our group.

    I am sure you will bring a lot of valuable knowledge to our students and instructors. As a new member, you may have questions or need some help getting started, but don't worry, we're here to support you.

  • DavidV.

    Hi @Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing with us about yourself!

    We are happy to have you here in the community. I wish you the best in this new journey as an instructor at Udemy.

    Please feel free to start a conversation if you have any questions.

  • GertrudeCho465

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Gertrude Chombo.

    I am from Kenya.

    My teaching area is Leadership and Personal Development (personal productivity and time management).

    I joined the Instructor Community because I believe in learning from others especially those with whom I share interests.

    I love puzzles. They help me test my knowledge, sharpen my mind, be alert and learn new things e.g. new words.

    I am very excited to join this community and hope to learn how to be a great instructor and exceed my students’ expectations and help other instructors learn from me.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be here.


  • ImranZakir72

    Appreciate David.

  • MeAndMySignals


    I'm J Berrie.

    I just use the initial of my first name, because that keeps it simple. I'm non-binary, so other works of mine online are sometimes under name John, and sometimes Jane.

    I'm going to develop courses about high-speed digital electronics, because I've written and presented a lot about it over many years.

    I'm told I'm good at making complicated subjects understandable by non-experts and this seems the right place to do it.

    Realistically I shall start on this properly at the beginning of 2024.

    Earlier this year I did some Udemy courses on AI to increase my knowledge and it worked really well so this seems the right platform.

  • MichaelHuds314

    Hello! Well my name is Michael and i am from Fresno California but live and work in Las Vegas Nevada, I teach barehanded as well as edged weapon combatives for urban self-protection as well as the protection of others.

    And what i seek to gain from my Udemy courses is a strong student base as well as a strong network of like minded instructors.

  • stupicorn


    My name is Nickolai Leschov, I'm from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, originally. I chose the recent war as an invitation to raise my indignant disagreement with what my government said my long-suffering homeland should stand for (war, violence and religious obscurantism) and join the global community that I always felt a part of. Is it still illegal to call war a war there? I don't know or care. I lived in several countries since and hope to live in some more.

    I love travel, computers, learning about human nature and how these things interact.

    I didn't quite figure the area in which I might be most helpful, and joind this community in my (misguided?) attempts to restore my friend's rightful ability to learn on Udemy.

  • SvyatoslavKravchenko

    Good day.

    My name is Sviatoslav.

    For now, I'm living on Cyprus

    I'm IT Guy working as developer near 10 years, have published first course about GIT

    Have posted my course at the end of December 2023

    As part of my life, I have feeling that teaching it's something that I want to do as part of my life and my career.

    Love to share my knowledge and experience

  • NimishKumar751

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Nimish. I am from India. I am into IT field from past 10+ years. Recently I started sharing knowledge to my team in my area and felt to create some instructor videos to help the people at large.

    I am a runner and enjoy reading books and long drives in my car.



  • MarinaT
    MarinaT Posts: 1,752 Udemy rank

    Hi @NimishKumar751

    Welcome to the instructor community! Thank you for telling us a bit about yourself.

    We are very happy to have you here. Please feel free to jump into discussions or start a conversation .

    See you!

  • MarinaT
    MarinaT Posts: 1,752 Udemy rank

    Hello to Cyprus!

    Thank you for telling us a bit about yourself.

    You mentioned that you published your course in December last year.

    How has it been going so far?

    Feel free to initiate conversations in the community if you have any questions!

  • SvyatoslavKravchenko

    Good day, thanks.

    To be honest, course is about month but no reviews(

    For now, I'm trying to understand, what's wrong)

  • MarinaT
    MarinaT Posts: 1,752 Udemy rank

    Hi @SvyatoslavKravchenko

    I'm very sorry to hear that. Have you started any marketing activities yet to promote your course?

    While I understand it's disappointing not to have student enrollments yet, rest assured, that our community offers valuable resources to assist you in your Udemy journey.

    I encourage you to explore them by clicking here:

    I hope you find them useful! Please let me know if you have additional

    questions .

  • datascienceone
    • Who are you? Hello, my name is Taesun. I am a senior data analyst with 10 years of experience in insurance and healthcare sectors. Check out my Udemy user profile here:
    • Where are you from? I am from Canada
    • What is your teaching area? My specialty is focused on data analytics/business intelligence using tools like R, Python, SQL, Excel and Power BI.
    • Why did you join the Instructor Community? I joined instructor community to create and launch a mini bootcamp curriculum focused on data analytics. To help out those students and professionals who want to become a data analyst.
    • Tell us a fun fact about yourself! I am bilingual who speaks Korean and English. I was lucky enough to host and present workshops for undergrad students - on how to prepare your resume/cover letter (entry level professional jobs).
  • MarinaT
    MarinaT Posts: 1,752 Udemy rank

    Hello to Canada, @datascienceone

    Thank you so much for sharing a bit about yourself!

    Wow, it's amazing that you've been involved in data analytics for such a long time and that you want to start teaching now on Udemy!

    If you have any questions about course creation, marketing, or anything else related to teaching on Udemy, please don't hesitate to start a conversation.

    See you!

  • RebeccaEsprit

    Hi! My name is Rebecca and I'm from the Caribbean

    I'm extremely excited to be here and to embark on this new teaching journey.

    I'm ecstatic to share my knowledge with the world

    ROBDEEP(CA) Posts: 3

    Hey y'all, Robert from Canada! Based in Toronto.

    I'm a new instructor focused on electronic music DJing with hopes to move into other areas such as production.

    I joined the community to connect with like-minded lovers of learning (how can you teach if you don't first love to learn?) and hopefully gain feedback and provide feedback to help each other succeed!

    Fun fact: Usually my fun fact is that I'm a DJ, but I don't think I can use that this time , so I guess I will go with I really enjoy reading various genres of literature and philosophy.

  • Johnsonkeyz

    Hi everyone

    I am Olusegun Johnson popularly known as Johnsonkeyz

    I just joined UDEMY not quite long

    I teach Music with area of specialisation on Piano

    but it's been fun going through everything from uploading courses and so on

    I've been teaching piano music for some years now online so building course was a bit more friendly thing coz I was already use to that

    One fun fact about me is my class can always be interesting and you never can tell where the fun part can stem from most times

    It's really good to be here I hope to meet fellow instructors and do much greater stuffs together

  • ElianaC
    ElianaC Posts: 5,227 Udemy rank

    Welcome to the instructor community @Johnsonkeyz

  • Johnsonkeyz

    Thank you so much for the welcome

  • CorinneW
    CorinneW Posts: 2

    Hi, I'm Coco. I'm a British communication coach and speaker based in Berlin in Germany, working in both German and English. I help non native speakers to show up with confidence as the English speaking expert, one conversation at a time.

    • I teach Business English, Corporate Communication Skills and Leadership to establish my clients as an influential, authentic and respected leader in their industry - internationally. I'm passionate about intercultural team building, agile & tech and public speaking #Toastmasters
    • I joined the community because I want to scale my business
    • Having learned 5 business languages for my carer and moved homes 14 times in 3 countries, life is never dull. I love being outdoors - camping, hiking, kayaking, skiing and so it comes as no surprise for people that know me that I love coaching outdoors too
  • LyraStarMist
    LyraStarMist Posts: 5

    Hi there Quantum Dreamers,

    I have been away for a while and wanted to catch up with everyone. My course, the Infinite Game On SoulSpark Playground, will be available soon. Yayyyyy!!

    For over three decades, I have dedicated myself to understanding the intricacies of human nature and empowering individuals to unlock their highest potential. As a licensed clinician, Reiki Master, and minister, I have supported thousands in their personal transformation through spiritually-centered practices, intuitive healing arts, and compassionate guidance.

    My lifelong passion for learning also led me to study architecture, horticulture, creative arts, and business—fields which I have successfully pursued professionally. However, my greatest joy comes from empowering others as an educator, developing fun and engaging curricula to ignite curiosity, boost well-being, and strengthen communities.

    In all my roles, I strive to cultivate empathy, trust, and collaboration - core values that uplift humanity. My newest work focuses on activating our innate gifts of perception and connection and building synergistic networks where all may thrive.

    Through diverse experiences and continuous self-study, I have gained profound insights into human growth. It is my honor to generously share perspectives and practices that align with living harmoniously according to our highest ideals. I welcome you to this transformational journey of collective empowerment.

  • MarinaT
    MarinaT Posts: 1,752 Udemy rank

    Welcome, @LyraStarMist

    We wish you all the best in your course creation process. If you need help along the way, please don't hesitate to reach out!

  • W3CB
    W3CB Posts: 3

    Hello everyone.

    I am here because of the Udemy report that 10m learners were searching for Certification training in the past 12 months here on Udemy. That number left me god-smacked. That is more learners than all of the certifications delivered in the past 5 years combined. I have been creating and delivering online courses for 12 years now and to learn that Udemy is the primary place where these learners have migrated to caused me to pivot away from the marketing of these courses elsewhere and migrate these courses to the premier learning platform - Udemy.

    I teach courses on Web3 technology, including blockchain, AI, FinTech, and IoT.

    An interesting fact is that at age 65 I completed a Master's Degree program.
    You are never too old to learn.