How to adjust video volume by lectures after recording them


Some of my students have complained about varying volumes in different lectures of a course.

Since it is too time-consuming to re-record the videos, I'm looking for solutions.

If you know of any, please share them with other instructors, including me!

FYI, I recorded the videos on PowerPoint and converted them into MOV files.

I haven't used any video editing software, but if there is any recommended software for beginners like me, it would also be appreciated!

I'm using macOS.




  • ElianaC
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    Hi @Kiyo
    Thanks for your question. I found a post from @TrevoirWill
    who shared good audio clean-up tips. You can take a look at the following post here.


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  • Kiyo
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    Thanks @ElianaC
    ! I'll follow the discussion.

  • PhillipBurton
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    Dear Kiyo,

    I just use You can try it for 1-2 hours of video a month for free.


  • ThomasLoren892

    Hi Kiyo,
    When I developed my first course about 2 years ago, I tried to use PowerPoint to do both my audio and slides. The audio coming out of PowerPoint was of poor quality and I had to move on to trying something else. I found the audio editing software Audacity online and it works great. Better yet you can download it for free! You can change your volume and edit out your errors here.
    I then combine my slides and other video with my voice in Clipchamp. This software comes free with Windows. Since you are using MacOS I am not sure if or how you might get access to it or if that system has an equivalent. The voice exported by Audacity will be an .mp3 file. The combined audio and video would come out of ClipChamp as a .mp4 file.
    Good Luck!

  • Kiyo
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    Thank you! I'll check it out!

  • Kiyo
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    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with the details! Yes, video or audio is not the main function of PowerPoint. I'll check out the software you mentioned.