Best Instructor Posts of All Time — Course Creation

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Best Instructor Posts of All Time — Course Creation

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We want to help you make more and better courses, so we’ve compiled a list of the best discussions about course creation for folks to read. We hope these conversations and tips help answer the most frequent questions about creating an online course and guide you through your Udemy instructor journey. 


If you find that a topic is missing, or you spot a conversation that should be on this list, leave a comment with the link below and we’ll check it out!


How do I plan and build out my course? 


My Course Creation Workflow by @Hypnodan 

A Few Tips to Get You Started by @SharonRamel 

Course Planning Process by @CharlesCorn 

The importance of topic selection by @FrankKane

Lecture Effectiveness - The Research by @LawrenceMMiller

Tips on scripting your video! by @SharonRamel

Course Creation Blockages - AKA PROCRASTINATION by @DeniseFletcher

How long does it take to create a course? by @LondonAppDev

How to stay motivated during course creation procedure? by @MalayaBiswal 

Lessons learned over the years by @Maged-Koshty 

Mastering the Udemy Test Video: Tips and Tricks for Success by @AFROZULLA KHAN Z 


How do I record my course? What equipment and programs should I use?


What should a first-time instructor invest in: audio or video? by @Robin_Slee

A/V best practices you should know when creating your first course by @JasonDion

Home Studio Options by @Juriy

What’s Your Set Up by @JulianJenki396

How to record my desktop? by @Robin_Slee

Drawing on a screen by @KalobTaulien

How I improved my green screen setup with some easy steps by @GregReverdiau

What I wear when filming a course by @FrankKane


How can I be more natural on camera?


A student said they didn’t like my delivery. What do I do? by @JasonDion

English courses by non native English speakers by @Maged-Koshty

Get Comfortable in Front of the Camera by @SharonRamel 


How do I edit my course? What software should I use?


Picking video-editing software by @Hypnodan

What application do you use to edit videos? by @Marious

Help for Camtasia users by @MassimilianoAlf 

How to get rid of environment noise when recording myself? by @SakjiMehdi359

What do you do to remove background noise by @AlexM


What materials can I use in my course?


A list of useful sources for instructors by @MassimilianoAlf

Where to Find the Best FREE and PAID Stock Photos (Video) by @LindsayMarsh


I finished making my course. Now what?


When do you consider a course “complete” and “ready to publish”? by @CarlosDeLeon

Plan Your course Marketing Before You Publish, Here are Proven Marketing Ideas by @LawrenceMMiller

How to gain potential students before you publish! by @AliciaPaz



I’ve published a Udemy course already, but how can I do it better? (Please note that some posts in this list are from our Published Instructor Club)


Four essential tips for increasing your chances of success on Udemy by @JasonDion

Time-saving tips for course creation! by @LindsayMarsh

Tips to create course faster by @ShubhiSaxena

What will determine the success of your course? by @LawrenceMMiller 

What I learnt from creating online courses by @JasmineBayer 


A huge thank you to all the folks who have shared their questions and experiences around online course creation! And a special shout out to @AlvaroChirou and @MassimilianoAlf for helping us curate this list. 


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@JocelynH Thank you so much, what a great post. I will be keeping this handy for reference. 


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Hi @JocelynH 

I am working my way through these great tips but I am denied access to the What I wear post by Frank Kane. Now I am more curious than ever! Can you help? I have a passion for fashion and must know what Frank wears, lol.


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Community Moderator

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Hi, @Gypsywitch90 you might be trying to access a post that was published in the Published Instructor Club, a space for our published instructors. 

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Thanks so much

Michael Herrera

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@JocelynH , can you please make it available to all (or repost in public group), instead of only published instructors. Thank you.

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thanks for sharing this. It's very helpful

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