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Frequently asked questions in the community

Hey everyone! As requested, here's a list of community threads and Help Desk articles that we can use to answer frequently asked questions in the community. This is a work in progress, so I'll continue adding as we go!

I'll also be working with our team to get some of these posts added to the sidebar so they're easier for everyone to find.


What mic / camera should I use? What equipment should I buy?


How do I remove background noises?


What video editing software should I use?


How can I improve X?


How do I market my course? How do I make more sales?


Should my cousre be free or paid? What should the price be?


I got a bad review. What do I do?


What can I include in my bonus lecture?


When should I send promotional emails? What can I include?


What can go in my educational announcement? 


I found my course on a pirate site!


Feel free to comment with additional questions and posts you'd like me to add to this master list. 

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Thanks, that's perfect. Bookmarked! 

For the piracy one, I would use the direct link to the Udemy help page, it usually isn't much of a discussion. 

Greg Reverdiau - Airplane and Drone Training

100% I can include relevant Help Desk articles for you all too, especially the policy related ones.

That is perfect


I'm wondering if there is a specific link regarding unpublishing courses as in what happens to student numbers and reviews. So if you have a course with 5000 students and 500 reviews do these figures remain in overall student numbers and review count? And also whether students still will receive announcements. 

I asked about retiring courses in this thread and wondered if there are any notes yet?

Hey @DeniseFletcher, sorry for the delay! I missed that message somehow. The closest Help Center article I found was this one: but I'm asking the team to get answers to your questions.

Yes @JocelynH I think that was my concern because the link you provide needs a bit more information about the impact on our instructor figures that the potential students see like student numbers, reviews etc. 

I'm also wondering does a retired course still receive announcements? And can you still give people a link to the course if needed? It might not be in the marketplace but it still exists and students can still use the course so it is live but hidden? Can existing students leave a review for an unpublished / retired course? Will that review count in the overall review ratings?

So quite a lot of different questions which aren't addressed anywhere. 


Hey @DeniseFletcher, that level of nuance would be best addressed by! I'd be asking the same people those questions so it may be quicker if you reached out to our support team directly.


I can also recommend that our team add in some of that information to the Help Center article I shared earlier.

What did you find out?
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Create a video to introduce yourself and watch other videos from instructors to get to know them. We recommend including your name, what you teach, and what you hope to learn in your video.