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Cooking courses Best answer

Hi,Anyone who wants to learn traditional Algerian cooking easy and delicious View more

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Udemy Instructor...

Udemy Instructor is a good community,that introduce how to make earning online and easy to help each others to complete courses...I'm very excited to ademy instructor.... View more

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Buenas, tengo un problema con lo que hay que rellenar como instructor en el tema de informacuon consigo llegar al final, relleno todo, compruebo los datos y al dar a seguir,arranca d nuevo View more


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ان عبدالرحمن محمد حسن من الملكه العربية السعودية عمري ١٧ سنه View more

Hello :)

Hello everyone I am Mariam. I have few questions before start working here. If anyone can help me. 1: Can I make video by using Power Point slides? 2: Can I show any video clips in my lecture related View more

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just an intro

hi, im nicholle, practicing energy healer for 20+ years, but only on friends anmd family. is this a good niche still as an instructor, or is it saturated... View more

Introducing myself and my course Best answer

Hi all:My name is Masood Raja. I am new to Udemy and am developing my first course on Literary Theory for Beginners. I teach the subject at university level. I am following all the platform View more

New courese announcement

Hi there if i just planned to upload a course on the advanced usage of after effects expressions.if you or your friends needs the this course please lat them View more


Hi great minds, I have been fidinfi it difficult to upload my video as an instructor, please how do I go about it? View more

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It Tech

Hi my name is Jacob but I go by Stormy as that is my beloved persona I have made and I live by I hope to join this community start making courses to earn some money for me and some of my friends I am View more

Tax Form & Instructor Information Best answer

Hi Udemy team members and instructors, I got a request related to Tax information submission!There are many fields that I couldn't find the information but it is so hard to chat or connect with Udemy View more

Question About Taxes


I have one question. Does individual mean the same as Form W-8BEN and business mean the same as Form View more

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Taxes Information


Hi. I would like to ask you becuase I've got email from you about Taxes. I am have sole proprietorship from Poland. It is owned only by me. I report the profits on a personal income-tax return Should View more

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How to make sells so fast Best answer

Thank you udemy for approving me to be part of this great community. I will try my possible best to provide good teachable 3D course, to make such that students from worldwide will learn new thing View more

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New Instructor

Hello Everyone,I am new instructor in Udemy.I want to publish my first lesson on Soft Skills.Can some ons help me? View more

Udemy Profile

Kindly suggest if some modifications are needed. I want to have an effective profile as an Instructor. View more

What this course consists of

In this course we will be focusing on eating well, losing weight and boosting your metabolism. In doing this there will be 6 active days a week and one rest day. During your active days you will be View more

Paid for the course but never started Best answer

Hi fellow instructors, Have you ever been in the same situation as me?Several people paid for my course but they never started it. It hasn't been a big problem if there are just 2 or 3 students like View more

Hello from Praveen!

Hello everyone, I'm Praveen from India, having 14 years of experience in the Software Development industry. I'm really excited to be part of the Udemy community! I've been working as a Software View more

Hello fellow team members

Hi there! my name is Daniel Adjei from Ghana. I teach Chemistry and Biology. I just joined this family of wonderful people and as protocol demands, I have to say hello to my seniors who are already View more

hello guys

My name is ayushman acharya i am from indiai am a teenager i am the biginner so if you guys could help me about this community and how to use it then it will be a pride for me and you all View more

About my course

Hello, my dear friends I'm Abhi.I will explain you physics and maths for jee exam and I'll clear your doubts. View more

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Create a video to introduce yourself and watch other videos from instructors to get to know them. We recommend including your name, what you teach, and what you hope to learn in your video.