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Finally in the new Udemy Community!

Hello, good evening everyone and my fellow instructors on Udemy. I'm glad to be here the first day of the community opening! My name is Faith Nwabuisi, a new instructor on Udemy. I've been monitoring View more

Hello from Tan, India Best answer


Here I am... This is me!Hello Everyone 🙂 Welcome to the new Udemy community! This is my first post here in this new community. It is so good to see you all here. I hope we can continue to be View more

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This is great!

Hi all! Happy to be here in the new Udemy community. I hope to learn and contribute with you all. Success to all!Diego. View more

I'm here too 🙂

I signed up yesterday, at day one. Today I write the first post because yesterday I thought to students enrolled in my course on how to create courses on Udemy where I made a lesson on the new View more

Happy Chinese New Year 新年快乐

Dear Friends, My Name is Peng Xiao(肖鹏) and very glad to join this community, Hope can find more friends here. I Started using Udemy as a student 4 years ago and became an instructor 2 years ago. As View more

My introduction

Hi everyone, Firstly thankyou so much to Udemy for introducing such a nice community.And I am glad to introduce my self I teach VIsual Effects and graphic designing at udemy.Being a part of udemy has View more

Hello Everyone

Cropped Cover image.jpg

Hi All.I am in the UK and am a property investor, Mental Health Nurse and Clinical Hypnotherapist. I am looking to create courses here, to do with success, money management and goal setting. I am View more

Awesome New Community!

Hi, I'm Mike and I've been teaching 3d animation with Unreal Engine 4 on Udemy for a year this month! Thank you to the Udemy team for creating this beautiful community - GREAT JOB! This community View more


Hello Friends, Since November 2018 I have been publishing Language courses through Udemy.I'm waiting for messages from every trainer who wants to expand their brand together.Plenty of earnings for View more

Well done Udemy!

I wanted to share my gratitude to Udemy for delivering such a great tool. I'm happy we can finally discuss stuff away from Facebook. Also, congrats for the clean interface. It works great on mobile View more

Hello Udemy Instructors!!

Hello all! Looking forward to checking out the new Udemy Instructor website and making the most of the connections here. My name is Shannon Murdoch, I will probably be making most of the posts here; View more

Hi everyone!

Hello creative experts! I am so glad to be part of this new community. I am looking forward to learning and producing great courses. I feel like this has great potential for ideas yet to be dreamed View more

The UI looks amazing.

The community dashboard has a slick UI, I hope Udemy also uses the same UI for student discussions as well .Thank you Udemy for this wonderful new community, glad to be a part of it View more

Hello Udemy Instructors

Hi everyone! I'm Albert Anders and a new instructor here on Udemy. I specialize in Cyber Security and Software Development. I am currently working on my first course and excited to be part of this View more

Hi All!

Hi to everyone in this Community! I’ m honored to have a place as a New Instructor and I’m working to publish. Thanks Udemy for having us all together here now! View more

Hello Course Creators!

Hello, I'm Elaine and I currently have one course on Udemy dedicated to using styles in Scrivener 3 for Mac. I do however have another course ready to publish next week on a completely different View more

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Glad to be among you!

Can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be an instructor on this platform! Thank you so much to Sharon Ramel for encouraging me to join! Should have some more classes being posted soon. Thank you for all View more


Hi everyone I have finally joined and I am very excited about getting to interact with everyone! View more

Greetings to all! Best answer

Hello, it's a pleasure to be here at the opening of this great new educational social network, I will try to bring you important topics such as discounts of editing programs and resources for your View more


Hello World! I am glad to be here and I am planning to create a couple of course here in Udemy in 2019. View more

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Hello :)

My name is Sergey, from Russia, Moscow and I am new here and on the Udemy. My specialization is a Salesforce developer, consultant and trainer. I plan to create my own course for Salesforce View more

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Hello World!

Well done Udemy!I look forward to meeting some of my fellow instructors on Feb 21st in London and chatting with many others from around the world. Best regards, Mike View more

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