Milestone: We just hit 100,000 discussions!

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Milestone: We just hit 100,000 discussions!

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Hello Instructors!


We are thrilled to let you know that we just hit 100,000 discussions in the community! What a huge milestone for our community! In just 3 years we’ve amassed 130k+ members with over 100k discussions!


All of you have been such an integral part of our community and we thank you for offering your advice, asking the tough questions, and using your voice to bring up matters that are important to instructors. 


We hope you continue to make this community your daily habit and use it to learn, network and foster relationships with other instructors.


Congratulations again and thank you for making this community the BEST instructor community on the internet.




Chrystie, Ryan & Bella

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So happy to be part of this amazing and vibrant community! 😊


Happy dance time!


I have just joined and I'm loving the vibe and the content already. Any top tips to share about navigating the platform?


@ToriNorrisABL Welcome! Happy to have you in the community! 😁


You can check out this video for more information about how to navigate the community  or The Teaching Center to learn more about navigating the Udemy platform.


Please let us know if you have any questions, happy to help guide you!

Hi ToriNorrisABL

Welcome to the community. I wish you the best

Muslim Helalee - Full Stack Web Developer and Instructor

Thank you for your prompt reply. 

I have just watched the video and is all very clear and looks easy to navigate, so thank you! I am loving the community support.


I have published a course that would be a great add-on to other courses on the platform. It might be easy if I explain what I mean...  My course is to help Pilates and Yoga Teachers to understand the depths of what is involved when working with women in their 40's and 50's and who could potentially be peri-menopausal. As well as a Menopause expert I am also a Pilates and Yoga instructor so I know how much they will value this course.

Is there a way to introduce my program to the clients that have brought the teacher training Pilates and Yoga courses and add them value by suggesting this add on? 



Hi @ToriNorrisABL, welcome to the community! That's a great question - I'm happy to help you with this. 

As with many other e-commerce platforms, we provide recommendations based on the student's demonstrated interests. If we already know that someone is looking for Pilates and Yoga courses, we know that they are more likely to buy if we show them other Pilates and Yoga (or related) courses. This means that someone looking to buy a competitor's course may discover yours and vice versa. 


Ultimately, our goal with all recommendation units, be by email, on the home page, or on the course landing page, is to show the student what they are most likely to click and buy, given what we know about them. This is all done automatically by the system's algorithm, and we don't have control over which courses will appear for the student. 


What I recommend is that you review your course description to better define your audience and apply these SEO best practices to increase your course's visibility and search results. Here are a few things you can do outside of Udemy to create awareness for your course:


  • Create and share short form content and your course’s promo video on YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn.
  • Connect with your audience via Facebook, Discord, Telegram, Slack, or Whatsapp groups. 
  • Engage with online communities interested in your course’s topic. Participate in forums and blogs like Quora, Reddit, or Medium. Encourage people to connect with you if they want to learn more. 
  • Don’t spam your link. This may actually hurt your course’s searchability.


For more tips, take a look at this compilation of the best marketing posts in the community


Once you create more courses on the platform, you will be able to recommend your other courses to your existing students, so that's something to keep in mind in case you plan on creating more courses about Pilates and Yoga. 


I hope this helps!


Bella Almeida

Udemy Community 

It is such a great achievement. Congratulations to all Udemy instructors.

Muslim Helalee - Full Stack Web Developer and Instructor


Still remember the days of the Facebook group, the complaints about moving away from it, and now look at this 🙂

Onwards and upwards





I am proud to be part of this community  🙏💜🌟

Udemy has provided an excellent platform for instructors like us to share the knowledge and expertise with a wide audience. Community support for course creators has been excellent in my experience so far! I found the process of creating and promoting a course to be simple, and the support team was responsive to any questions or issues that arose. I have received wonderful, positive feedback from students who have taken my classes.

Thank you very, very much for this.



Awesome! I'm very proud to be part of this great milestone hehe. 100,000 and counting...

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