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    Hi @LucieMic123
    I'll recommend you to go through the marketing insights tool

    Here is a list of his recommended instructor resources:

    I was able to found a post regarding the experience from other instructors with microphones

    Hope this helps!

    Eliana Cerna

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    I pop into this thread pretty often to get inspired.

    Thanks, Phil

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    I believe I can achieve this too congrats




    I'm Phil Ebiner. I'm a long-time Udemy instructor - been here since 2012. And I'm excited to be a part of this community. Please feel free to ask me any questions!

    Since 2012, I've made over $1.5 million from Udemy. And I don't say that to brag, but to show you what a normal guy like me can do... someone who started like many of you without an audience, experience teaching, experience selling, email list, website... nothing.

    It has taken a lot of hard work and time to do this, but I believe you can achieve your goals if you have the right mindset and put in the right amount of effort!

    Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 10.41.53 AM.png

    I love Udemy, and hope to help you out on this amazing platform!



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    Please I have a question. I am new to udemy and I don't know how to introduce a course

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    Hi @Israel9246
    You can start here this course creation section of the Teaching Center.

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  • DarylleJohnson

    Wow, this is very inspiring!

    I noticed that many of the highly successful instructors are doing tech-based courses. Do you think that somebody can be highly successful teaching dance? Or perhaps leadership and self-help topics?

    Do you teach exclusively on Udemy and is this the platform you find to bring you the most success?

    I'm very excited to learn and get started!

  • Andrew_Edwards

    Thanks Phil, I'm a new instructor, not yet published and that is super helpful.

    Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • JoeConstant725

    HI Phil

    I just watched your video and think its great that you want to help newbies like me. I am 61 years old living in the UK and this is my very first attempt at creating an online course. I have been in personal development for over 25 years working with both young people aswell as adults.

    My question is where do I begin I want to create a course for people who are over 50 plus that might think it's to late to pursue their goals and dreams and this course is about overcoming obstacles to achieve your dreams, based on a book by Ryan Holiday called the Obstacle is the way. And my course title is to be called 'Beyond the Obstacles' any help and advice you can give would be greatly appriciated. Joe

  • SabrinaElai225

    Hi Phil,

    I'm trying to do a bit of marketing, and was wondering how did you make your email list??


  • Yahyakhan472

    So inspiring..

    I have a one question that I have posted in the community many times, but have got the accepted solution.

    The question is that I am about to publish my first course on Udemy, but I am new instructor and I have not an audience right now. So I want to publish my course for free for a while, but there is a rule of Udemy that

  • AhammadAdel

    What you did is inspiring, indeed. I plan make my course through mobile camera. What do you say? Do you recommend any learning links within Udemy before I jump offering my course.

  • AndrewDobos990

    Hi Phil, Do you rec to offer the 10usd price promotion, go for the 75% off promotion or stick with the regular Full course price? I ask epxecially for the beginning stages when I lauch a course.

  • Francisoji048

    Hi,Phil. I am new in this community and I am just struggling to publish my first course.After watching your video, I was highly motivated to work harder in order to achieve this goal. However,the challenge I have now is I don't know the best software to edit my video. Please can you kindly help out.thanks.francisoji048.

  • StephenZAMB993

    Hi Phil, how do you choose your subjects? I mean, I'm a software developer. Software development courses are always long > 5h or 10h. So It takes weeks to create one, how can I be sure that it something that people want?

    Do you test the market before? If it's the case, how do you do?

  • mwitiderrick

    Congratulations Phil. Very inspiring

  • FarzanSajahan

    Phil, You have been a great inspiration and a wonderful teacher. I have enrolled in your wordpress and digital marketing courses and they are amazing. Your story inspired me to start my journey with Udemy. I just launched my first course last weekend . Thank you for being a such a wonderful inspiration.



  • MariaDru2020

    very inspiring, thanks for sharing! If I may ask, how many courses does one needs to be able to hit the 1Million sales milestone?

  • ScottDuffy

    Congrats and good luck!

  • FarzanSajahan

    Thanks Scott!

  • EstelleB

    Hi, I am new on Udemy and have just published my first course. I am a Baby Boomer with limited advanced Tech skills!! My daughter had to help me with the editing of my videos but I am glad I discovered now that you offer a course in video editing for beginners. So, if I need to do things myself in the future I will definitely invest in your course.

    I am on a major learning curve so looking to see what I want to an need to learn to become better as an instructor.


  • BruceAlexander

    Phil - thanks for the offer to help first time Udemy instructors

    My problem is that customers I direct to my landing page via my own promotional efforts and my direct course link are shown my landing page populated with pop up ads for other courses!

    If Udemy originated the enquiry they can show whatever they want. But when I generate the customer interest by my specific course link I expect the customer to see my landing page without Udemy trying to steer them to alternative courses

    It seems to me that Udemy's reason is that if they can steer the customer to some other course they get around 50% of the course fee but if the customer buys mine Udemy get only 3%

    Thus Udemy have a perverse motive for persuading a customer who enquired about my course to change their mind and buy something else

    Any suggestions?

    But if the customer buys mine, Udemy get 3%

  • LaorKaelHel200

    I belive you are right.

    Personally I have zero understanding why Udemy doesn't have a PPC option

    Inside their own platform.

    It will benefit the users and them.

    As for your statement... Yes, they are a business aimed to gain profit.

    As long as they control your students list

    You have zero ability to promote again to your audience.

    Promotions are nice, coupons are nice, but there is no compersment to a good solid aimed promotion that brings paid costumers to you.

    Hope they will give us more tools to promote and earn

  • VivianAdemy360

    Nice meeting you here Phil

  • MachhindraK356

    Your teaching awesome! i love it

  • Jerry535

    Wow!!! Really motivating

  • KloudBahnas1212

    Hi phil

    So happy for you. wish you more success.

    so i just started my first course on udemy . I have so many questions.

    1- how to attract student to take my course ?

    2- should i make facebook adds , youtube adds ?

    3- I noticed that students take the courses which are not comprehensive more. what do you think should i keep it light ? or should i really put all my knowledge on it?


  • yasmineshafie86

    Hello Philip, I'm Yasmine, I'm happy for your success and I wonder if you can guide me how to start on Udemy I'm a new instructor here and I don't know which is the best method to be used to start preparing my course and I feel a little bit lost here on Udemy so i will be really glad if you could tell me the right steps to follow. Thank you in advance.

  • Jack_Bosma

    Did you learn a lot from the community platform?

  • Sathya195


    This month 8th was my payout day. Due to some technical issues with my Paypal account my payment was failed. So I have updated my payment method from Paypal to payoneer on 9th September. And the same day only I have informed them about the issue.They said they will initiate repayment asap.But still now they are not confirmed anything.

    If anyone faced this issue please tell me when will I get my payout to the new payment method.I am new to this platform and It is also my first payment.

    Please share your experience if you have faced my situation.

    Thanks in advance

    K.Sathyaprakash Reddy