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Share a photo of your A/V setup! This thread is pinned

Hello Instructors! This week we announced that we’re dedicating the entire month of May to everything Audio Visual. Discussions, tips, events, and resources, you’ll find it all right here in the View more

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Which Editing Software do you use? This thread is pinned

Hello Instructors! We know that everyone has their own style of video creation because we’ve already seen your different audio & visual setups. But for this discussion, we’d love to know which View more

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Need a little help with your Audio/Visual setup? This thread is pinned

Since we are talking about all things Audio & Visual this month, we thought it would be a good idea to show you some of the AV resources that live right in the Teaching & Help Centers. Here are the View more

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Do you think?

How can I upload my documantaries to my Udemy account? Could you write me? I want to upload my books to my account course page for my course View more


I have been creating a course on udemy as a instructor and i am new..And after everything it asked for pan number and name..i gave everything properly..It asked for verification Video...and at the View more


Hello sir' i was paid a course free of python course. But this course not is in my courses View more

[Test Video] Need feedback from you!

Hey Everyone, I am planning a Git & Github masterclass course here on Udemy. I have created a test video and havent heard back from the Udemy team in 11 days, I understand they might be under heavy View more

How to do keyword research

Hello everyone. I am beginner and soon I am going to publish my first course, but I have some questions in my mind. 1. How to do keyword reseach, any tools if anyone knows please tell me.2. As I am View more

Course Approval Waiting time

Hello. It has been over 7-8 days since i published a test video. If you could please look into it and see if the Udemy standards are met. I don't want to record the entire course in this format and View more

Stolen courses

Can u help me ?? .. some people buy my course free or .5 dollar .. i dont know how i prevent them .. they steal it and increaze in discount by thier deferent ways View more

Unenroll Student? Best answer

Is it possible? I'd like to unenroll one of my students who got access to a course for free. The issue is that he is being abusive toward the lecturer, as well as, toward other students. kind View more

Test video approval

I submitted a test video on the 15th of April. Still haven't heard a word from Udemy. Please let me know so I can do the rest of the recording as well. It has been over 15 days View more

Video processed but not published Best answer

Screenshot (49).png

Hi guys!I'm interested in offer free content to my students publishing some live events as a course, I've noticed that some videoclip has been processed and published, others processed but not View more

Backdrops Best answer

I'm considering something different and need feedback please. I've used greenscreen, and white for backgrounds and now considering using black and mixing up my clothing. Has anyone used black before View more

Camptasia $100

Dear AllUnder the heading "Video and Editing Equipment" find that Camptasia is available for $100 From where I can buy? Is there any Udemy store also?If yes please guide me and otherwise also help me View more

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Indian banking

HiI would like to discuss banking topics which will be useful for attending various banking courses and promotion tests. Request your support Rajeevkumar View more

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A/V screen recording Best answer

Let's create the bulk,Just send verification video after being verified you'll be enjoying the prestige's of Udemy,It's brilliant. View more

Which Audio Quality is better? Best answer

Hi! I hope you are doing well. Which Audio Quality is better for Screencasting tutorial videos for an Online Course? Waiting View more

Image aploaded

Hi!Welcome to Udemy Community!!!🌹🌹🌹🌹However, I want help and support from anyone. I can't aploaded image to Udemy profile logo. When I go to aploaded. That's showing copy, share, select all, web View more


مساء الخير لقد اكملت الدورة كاملة ولكن يظهر انها ٩٠٪ فقطكيف اكمل الدورة حتي احصل علي الشهادة شكرا View more

PowerPoint - Recording Best answer

Hi,Power Point has a good feature called "Record Slide Show" (under the Slide Show tab.I am a novice and I am trying to produce my test video. I've found that PPT offers a reasonable well solution View more

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Audio and video solutions
Figure out how to create the best audio and visual set-up for your price point and skill level. This is a great place to chat about different mics, green screens, video editing software, and more.
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