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This is demorolizing

I have been here a full year by now. At this stage, I am convinced that this platform is not for me. How do I delete my courses and take my toys home? View more

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Blessings to your teaching endeavors

Hey community of Udemy! I'm just here to say that this a new way of communication I haven't seen before and it is really strong. Whether you teach cooking, mechanics, AI or Tourism, much success in View more

You can still make it as an instructor! Best answer

Hey Folks and Happy Thursday, I wanted to send some thoughts and inspiration out to new instructors and anyone struggling a little. I know what it was like starting out as an instructor wondering if View more

Sales Trends and Post Covid Analysis

Course Enrollments.JPG

So, here is my analysis of the trend, based only on my own data. You have all seen my posting of my enrollment data by month before. I think it is worth studying for a moment, assuming it bares any View more

Celebrating 500k and Some tips Best answer


I wanted to take the time thank Udemy and Share some insights. A couple of weeks we passed the $500K mark. To be honest with you we never could have imaged that our journey in Udemy would have View more

Thanks udemy

Thanks udemy for making us a part of this wonderful platform, and to give us the opportunity to teach .I've already published my first course after long View more

How sad some people are🥳

I find it really sad how so many create fake accounts to be trolls and give bad reviews to others but what is sadder is that they are allowed to continue to do so even after it has been pointed out View more

Is, Udemy SEO Courses Are Good?

Hi, I am Usama Khan from Pakistan. I am a student. I want to learn SEO from Basic to Advance through Courses. Experts tell me is the courses are best for beginners. Kindly, View more

Motivation Best answer

I have been on Udemy 2 years now my 11th course is coming out soon. I am happy with my performance in terms of money now regularly 600 to 800 dollars month. I think this will increase to 1000+ a View more

First course and the first bad review Best answer

So I received my first bad review and it is painful to say the least. I responsed to the student's comments and kept it positive. Basically, said "Thanks for the feedback and I'm always growing and View more

setting up for the home studio

IMG_0439.JPG IMG_0438.JPG IMG_0440.JPG

Here are some photos of the finished studio. I am working on Acoustics by using pro Grade Acoustic Panels that reduce echo, and getting Pyramid Acoustic Foam Traversal on the walls, as well as the View more

Personl development

Hi im new here, just starting up my training career as a trainer on udemy. But im not sure how to start working here as an instructor. It would be great if someone can guide me in View more

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Automotive Courses

I have just joined the udemy today, is there a demand of automotive related courses here ? What do you suggest ? View more

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Stories & Inspiration
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