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Happy 2019! Look at all you’ve achieved together.

Every year we look back to see what the big trends were for our instructors. This year, the trend was clear: you made connections like never before. Not just with students, but with each other. View more

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Feeling so grateful

I so happy, I published my first course, sold 35 and got 8 Reviews which are all 5*. Just feel so grateful I had to share. View more

What are you working on in 2020? Share your goals!

Happy New Year! As we kick off a new year, we want to hear what you’re focusing on in 2020. What are you working on in 2020? Share your top goals, and support one another as you work towards those View more

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Happy Holidays! We’ll be slower to respond.

Hi everyone! With the holidays quickly approaching, I wanted to give you a heads up that our team will be slower to respond. If you have any urgent questions, please reach out to View more

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Course creation

Why can't I easily find where to click to create my course? It should be easier from the drop down option on the left View more

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Newbie Here

Hi Everyone, Just a shy newbie here. I am just feeling overwhelmed but I really like to learn more and share what I know. Any tips for a newbie like me? Thank you so much View more

A personal update :)

Hey everyone! I have a bit of personal news to share with you all. Today is actually one of my last days working at Udemy, and I wanted to let you all know so you weren't confused if I stopped View more

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A shout out to this instructor club!

I am sitting back with a cold beer and holding it up to the computer screen... This is a toast to all the instructors and contributors to this forum - Thank you! I have just published my second View more

First course published, Hot and New!


I'm really excited because this is my first course published, and it already achieved the Hot & New badge. This is what worked for me: I made sure to select a topic from insights tool that was View more

What is your top goal this December?

Happy Friday! Can you believe 2019 is almost over? What are you working on this month? Let us know what your top goal is for December and we'll check in throughout the month to motivate one View more

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Instructors From Pakistan

Hi,My Name is Yasir Ahmed and I teach digital marketing and related topicsI am from Pakitan and would like to know how many more talented people are here from my country, Please let me know your city View more

How many students do you have? Best answer

15000 push Capture.PNG

Hello fellow Instructors. For inspiration, I thought it might be fun to share student numbers. Plus any tips you might have on growing your student base? Personally, I have been working very hard View more

Community Spotlight: Meet Mike X Cohen


Dr. Mike X Cohen is an associate professor at the Radboud University Medical Center and the leader of the research group Synchronization in Neural Systems. His research focuses on using View more

Happy American Thanksgiving!

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 10.41.00 AM.png

Hi everyone! It's American Thanksgiving this week, so I wanted to take some time to step away from the sales and share some appreciation. Thank you for choosing Udemy as a platform to share your View more

What are you buying for Black Friday?

I often try to time my buying of stuff for Black Friday.This year I am getting:A new editing laptop, something with 16/32GB memory, I7/9 9900 / Ryzen and NVMe SSD."Maybe" a camera and wireless View more

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Thank you udemy

This has been the best platform to increase my qualifications and experience! Thank you for helping me grow in my education to provide the best life coaching service! View more

links to resources

When I try to access links with my account, I cannot. The page is just a generic page with no information. Does anyone have this problem too? View more mvc5

I want to learn this language for web application but i am little bit confuse that how to learn it nd i want proper instructor who is experienced nd i need proper guidance. View more

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Planning or Inplimenting

Why are some people so successful in whatever they do?Are they good in planning!Are they good in Inplimenting!Are they best in both! Few of us are very good in planning. Ideas just pour into us as if View more

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Stories & Inspiration
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